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We don’t need to define WhatsApp as we all know that WhatsApp APK is one of the biggest platforms to chat and share photos, videos, stays, and many other fun things. Transparent WhatsApp is a model of the WhatsApp model developed by GBPlus developers. These modified versions have been developed over the years and these modified versions allow people to get better features than the original WhatsApp application.

The previous fix was full of these interesting features, but some users complained that it had various bugs and viruses. Whatsapp Transparent is the latest version of WhatsApp APK, and we have done our best to reduce bugs and viruses as much as possible in it, and it has an anti-blocking function.

Since third-party developers develop these mods, you won’t find them on distribution services for apps like Google Play. This mod is designed and developed to help you customize WhatsApp’s interface and other features. In addition to enjoying the features of the original app, you can also customize the app. Adapt the building material to your personality and taste.

This mod was recently launched. So there are fewer bugs and bugs compared to previously developed mods. WhatsApp Transparent offers a variety of features compared to other mods. Learn more about the features below before you decide to download this mod.


Whatsapp Transparent Features

  • Clear display
  • Improved user development
  • Better protection
  • It should be customized
  • Stealth Development
  • Advanced DND model and anti-smoking framework
  • Performance improvement
  • WhatsApp screen
  • You can access new topics.
  • You can share up to 1 Gb of records at a time.
  • You can share a larger record.
  • Reject messages with hostility and improve the situation.
  • This app lets you have complete control over your privacy.
  • You can choose which contacts to call. You can hide approval, unit price, double price, storage price.
  • No initial request was denied. You can always set the “Do Not Disturb” mode when complete silence is required.
  • Don’t worry. All calls and messages are locked.
  • You can send up to 90 multimedia files at a time. The original application can only send 10 files at a time.

Explained Features

A full description of WhatsApp’s new and improved features is clarified below. If you download this model along with the model on your smartphone, you can skip some features.

  • Enhancements and User Interface

Open WhatsApp has been upgraded to be used in the manner presented in the following appearance. It is one of the best-built versions of WhatsApp ever built and is an indicator of a very efficient interface. You can use these characters without constantly hanging on, use beautiful images appropriately, wait for wallpapers and update their status.

  • The technical side looks better

Open WhatsApp has better house view options than ever before. You can hide your online presence risk. You can view them online on WhatsApp without notifying them that you are within range. I knew his status was there when he wanted to be safe on WhatsApp without chatting or replying to a friend.

There are also obvious insult options that occur in the sky. In other words, if you don’t mark it in blue, it’s not a text message. This is one of the most effective ways to keep things and is called the open WhatsApp used on mobile phones.

  • Better customization and greater scale

There are better posting and massive posting options, and you can create chat goals and starred advertising messages. Posting on a larger scale is also acceptable. It is a powerful WhatsApp APK feature that previously could be used to measure all the previous features of WhatsApp Plus in bulk but works great for guessing, observing, learning, or working in bulk.

  • Enhanced hidden features

Although the hidden mode is an advanced feature, you should be careful while using these features as WhatsApp can prevent you from using these features on a regular basis. This video includes Hide Online Status, Do Not Allow Second Mark, Read Blue Convert Message Without Tick, Hide Date and Time, Copy Message and Send to Friends, and more. You can hide your online presence.

You can also remove forwarding tags from sent messages while using this enhanced version.

  1. Hide your status view from other people’s status.
  2. You can hide the blue marker even if you see someone’s message in a conversation.
  3. You can also hide the second tick of the transmitted message while using the GBWhatsApp Mod APK.
  4. We can hide our online presence, an active presence like GB WhatsApp.
  5. Like FMWA, YoWhatsApp, you can hide the date and time while copying messages.
  6. WhatsApp Transparent allows you to hide forwarding tags while forwarding someone else’s chat messages. It helps in most cases.
  • The best DND mode and anti-blocking system

Disruption mode was not available in previous versions from third-party developers, but it does exist in WhatsApp Transparent. If you enable this option, no one will try to disturb you because your messages will not arrive on time until you disable Do Not Disturb.

This is one of the best features of WhatsApp obviously because you don’t get messages if you don’t want to. WhatsApp Transparent is a modified version of WhatsApp and developed by a third-party developer who is not the official developer of WhatsApp. If WhatsApp finds an illegal activity in progress, the request can be blocked. The new version of WhatsApp has anti-blocking features and is not restricted by official WhatsApp developers.

Download & Install

  • You can’t find apps in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you need to download the APK file from a third-party website. You can find more links by searching for keywords.
  • You can easily download the app by just clicking the download button above.
  • If your Android phone receives a file from an “Unknown Source”, an APK file will be installed. Therefore, you need to go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now you need to select the APK file in the Downloads folder. After that, you need to click the install button. The installation will take a while.
  • You will enter your mobile number now. You will then receive a verification code. Therefore, you need to enter the code in the required box and start using the app.
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Whatsapp Transparent FAQs

What is Whatsapp Transparent?

This is a newly developed WhatsApp mod with better customization options and privacy features.

How do I update Whatsapp Transparent?

Click the download button to get the APK file. Click on the APK file to start the installation process. Once installed, the version is automatically updated to the latest version.

Is Whatsapp transparent safe?

Using WhatsApp Transparent on your device is 100% safe as long as you download the APK file from the official source. This mode does not require any third-party applications to run and does not contain any viruses or malware that can damage your device.

Are you banned from using Whatsapp Transparent?

This is a very good thing to consider before deciding to download and install the mod. In general, if you use WhatsApp mode on your phone, you risk getting your account blocked. If you want to use the mod, we recommend using a different account to avoid damage.

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