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Whatsapp is an amazing app that we all rely on completely every day. It has become a part of our lives because it connects us all without effort. Since you don’t get many features from the official app, there are many modified versions built by many developers to provide some features.

WhatsApp Arab is a new official version of WhatsApp and is designed especially for Arabs. The essence of this mod is similar to Arab culture. New icons have been added to this mode to make chatting more fun and enjoyable.

This mod has the theme of Arab culture immersion in Arab and Arab culture. This mod is really valuable. To learn more about this mod, please read the full article and let us know in the comments section of your review of this mod. If you have questions about this mod, you can ask me again in the comments section.


Whatsapp Arab Features

  • Default updated to 2.17.427
  • New emoji
  • DND mode (disable internet via WhatsApp only) (home page – title)
  • Option to increase video limit by status (Mod 5.6) (Stock users can only watch for 30 seconds)
  • Ability to identify administrative messages for groups (no number)
  • Fabric Options Options (Mod 2.7.7)
  • Change / Location Options (Mod 2.7.8)
  • Change notification number
  • watch sticker
  • Set group information (only works if authorized by the server)
  • Possibilty to hide the DND mode icon (mod 2.1.10)
  • Option to increase video limit by status (Mod 5.6) (Stock users can only watch for 30 seconds)
  • Make a call (you can now edit, copy and paste numbers)
  • German language support
  • Navigation color when selecting conversation/message
  • Send/receive 1 or more images in mode 6.2.
  • Mods for Android Oreo 6.11.
  • Play videos on other devices
  • Crash when open private conversations are open.
  • Too many edits…

Important –

  • The MOD is very powerful, so check it out at the end before posting.
  • All themes submitted by InApp are uploaded to the OSMThemes app.

Explained Features

Many interesting and fascinating features have been added to this version, some of which are listed below:

  • Privacy

Privacy and security are our top priorities when using social networking apps. If you look at this version of WhatsApp, they put a lot of effort into protecting your privacy and made it a top priority. You can hide your online status and many other things depending on your preferences.

  • Automatic reply

There is an amazing feature added to this version, which is the autoresponder. You only have to fix some settings. Whenever you’re busy, we’ll send you an automated reply with just one click.

  • Media sharing

The official app allows you to send very small amounts of photos to anyone, up to 90 at a time.

  • Copy status

Sometimes on WhatsApp, we can see a person’s situation as very interesting and encouraging, but we can’t copy it. You can now copy your friend’s status with this app.

  • Download the story

This is an amazing feature that each of you will love. With this app, you can download the stories of all your contacts. Not good!

  • Cultures Inspired Icons

This app is inspired by Arab culture, so here you can find various emojis that are not completely related to Arab culture. This type of app has been featured on all apps previously modified by WhatsApp.

Not only that but there are many other things, such as the ability to change themes according to your mood and do other personalized things. This is one of the most modified apps on the latest WhatsApp. Download now and experience the most amazing experience ever!


This mod is designed to spread Arab culture around the world. This mod has many icons that reflect Arabic culture and makes the conversation fun and enjoyable. Emoji wear different cultural costumes to help you know more about the Arabs.

Whatsapp Arab FAQs

What is WhatsApp Arab?

This is another modified version of WhatsApp and basically made for the promotion of Arab culture. This mod was created by a third-party builder.

How to download and install WhatsApp Arab?

Open the page and click the download button. Enable unknown sources and upload a file. After the installation provides a number then install the OTP sent to that number and start using this mod.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Arab?

This mod is completely safe and 100% secure. You can use this mod for your personal or official use without fear of data leaks.

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