Whatsapp Alaskar | Download For Free 2022

If you’ve heard of WhatsApp Plus but are reluctant to use it, WhatsApp Plus is secure and limited, and all your conversations are encrypted so no one can see them. One of the WhatsApp Plus versions is Alaska WhatsApp. Download Alaska WhatsApp for 2021 and enjoy all the features of the app.

WhatsApp Alaskar is a new modified version of the real WhatsApp created by Mahmoud Al-Askar 3rd person. This mod is based on YO WhatsApp and has almost the same functionality, but with a few new features as well.


Whatsapp Alaskar Features

  • Unique identifier
  • Dark mode
  • Opt-out mode
  • New emoji
  • State store
  • Built-in
  • Customizing
  • Delete protection message
  • Removal Prevention Status
  • Hide Media in Gallery
  • Mark a condition as already marked
  • Contact Online Notification
  • Return to the original message
  • Increased pass limit from 5 to 250

Detailed Features for Whatsapp Alaskar

  • Unique interface
  1. The main AR WhatsApp interface is different from the original WhatsApp.
  2. Floating button to access contacts and settings.
  3. Black mod.
  4. Turn off the Internet on WhatsApp.
  5. Divider tabs into groups.
  • Privacy features
  1. Hide your online status and save views.
  2. Hide “relay message”.
  3. Prevent deleting messages and status.
  4. Hide the blue scale, second scale, “Input” and “Record”.
  5. Choose a person to call.
  • Change WhatsApp style

You can change the style of the app icon, and you can also change the notification icon, emoji style, and font type.

  • Hide Media in gallery

Original WhatsApp downloads all media or stops downloading all media, but Alaskar WhatsApp lets you choose which media you can download to your phone.

  • Customize interface

You can customize the chat interface the way you want by changing the font type, icon color, and style. You can do this in the integration settings.

  1. Basic display: hide the desired icon and slide the bar down.
  2. Chat: Change the color of the talk album and the background color.
  3. Widgets: Manage WhatsApp notifications.

Pin 100 conversations

Initially, WhatsApp only allows you to pin up 3 conversations, but Alaskar WhatsApp allows you to pin up to 100 conversations.

Additional information

To be sure about the quality and spirit of the program Mods of WhatsApp, everyone always suggests users download the latest version of WhatsApp Alaskar Apk. You can download it instantly from the Google Play Store. But it will only give you the original version. If you have a modified version or have problems accessing the Google Play Store or can’t download the app for any other reason, don’t worry. We will settle all your problems. Many websites claim to offer the latest WhatsApp Alaskar Apk updates, but none of them confirm what they say.

However, the website gives old links to approach older versions that are not in use now. For those who can download WhatsApp Alaskar Apk from Google Play Store for any reason, don’t worry! A new type of game is available through the link we provide, which allows users to unlock all levels and modes. The only thing you have to do is go through the installation process to get the latest version of WhatsApp Alaskar Apk.

Download and install

  • First, open a browser on your device and search for Alaskar WhatsApp.
  • Open the page and click Download.
  • Now go to your file manager and open the app.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” to install applications.
  • Specify the number you want to use in this mode.
  • An OTP will be received on your number.
  • Now enter that code and use this model.

This mod was developed by a third-party developer (Mahmoud Al-Askar) and is basically based on WhatsApp. This mod has almost the same features as the original WhatsApp and other new features that make this mod better than real WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Alaskar FAQs

What is Whatsapp Alaskar?

WhatsApp Alaskar is another approved version of WhatsApp and is basically based on WhatsApp. This mod was developed by third-party engineer Mahmoud Al-Askar.

How to update WhatsApp Alaskar?

Keep visiting the official website to see if you are using the updated version of this mod.

Is It Safe to Use WhatsApp Alaskar?

This mod is completely safe and 100% secure. You can use this mod for personal or official use without fear of data leakage.

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