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uTorrent Pro

The uTorrent Pro app is an Android torrent client. uTorrent pro allows you to upload content from so-called torrent trackers, details where you can find more movies, music, games, books, and other interesting content. Development is a well-known company BitTorrent, Inc., which has been supporting public interest in computers for many years.

The mobile UI is fully compatible with the concept of material design. Swipe from left to right to open a menu containing the Torrents tab, library, default search files, and settings shortcuts. The top panel is a menu to add links to search streams and magnetic links.

A large portion of the Torrent Pro app screen is reserved for distribution lists. Just like the desktop version, it shows good indicators of your current download speed and efficiency, time remaining until the download is finished, file name, and file upload percentage. In the app settings, you can enable a battery saver which disables the active hand while the app is in the background.

You can also enable downloads only on Wi-Fi, set download speed limits and efficiency, and enable autostart when you turn on your device. Torrent Pro app is considered the best torrent client for smartphones and tablets due to its excellent interface, various settings, and high performance of the app.


  • uTorrent Pro
  • uTorrent Pro

List Features

  • Torrent supports similar uploads.
  • You can use bandwidth logically and customize it.
  • The built-in Torrent schedule controls your activities.
  • Torrent has the ability to prioritize traffic and adjust its speed.
  • It has a quick stop and continues the download function.
  • Torrent supports UPnP and NAT-PMP as well as the most favored protocol addition.
  • Low memory usage and small system size.
  • Support for reading RSS feeds and download torrent notifications
  • Collaborate with other customers without the main tracker (DHT).
  • Torrent supports encryption protocol.
  • The Torrent interface has supported the editing process and the possibility of it being translated into other languages.
  • Integrated remote control with HTTP protocol using the web interface (WebUI);
  • Torrent works on all types of Windows OS.
  • It is also possible to use Torrent on Linux using Wine.

Explained Features

  • Download anytime, anywhere

Many intelligent applications today have been created to meet people’s needs. The evolution of the 4.0 era is to make everything modern with modern technology. If your job usually uses multiple files and you download them, you should use µTorrent® Pro to make file handling easier.

This app has the ability to download files in a torrent format very quickly and efficiently. Although the app looks easy to operate, it has modern features and surpasses the rest. Gradually, apps are hosted on social networking sites with faster download speeds.

  • Special activities

For customers who work perfectly to achieve their media preferences without the use of a computer, µTorrent® Pro is the blood of your life. Getting amazing HD recordings is an app for everyone. Clients may also try to access media by linking their music and video libraries.

Downloads are also compressed to fit the memory footprint and select records to download into the flood. It’s amazing because the app doesn’t have speed limits and you can’t block the rating of the video you need to download. It would be great if you could listen to better music and watch videos with the right music player. Also, if you don’t need a video, try removing it to reduce storage space.

  • Maintain battery

Clients don’t have to be pressured to drain the battery too much when using the app, and the battery can store new items, allowing the customer to pressurize the battery to almost drain without being careless. In addition to that, it also includes battery storage brightness, which stops when the battery drops below a previously defined level.

When the video is wrapped for download, the app exits the flood. In fact, the app only additionally includes a Wi-Fi mode to save various data. The in-app interface is automatic, so it can be safely used by clients and viewed in Full HD with excellent lighting and a clean system.

Download & Install

  • Tap the download button above to download.
  • When the download is complete, a pop-up will appear installing.
  • Click install to install the application.
  • When the installation is complete.
  • Just open the app & enjoy.

Note: Make sure that the Download is turned on in the “Unknown sources option in phone settings”.

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Are torrent pro safe?

First of all, Torrent, a peer-to-peer software program, is secure. If you download this program from the company’s official website, you won’t find any spyware or malware when you install torrent on your computer. If there is a threat to your computer or data, it is not from Torrent.

Is torrenting legal?

Torrent is the official torrent client of the creators of the BitTorrent contract. Unpublished software owned by a US law firm. Like BitTorrent, the Torrent software itself is legal, but may not be used for digital crime.

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