Subway Surfers Promo Codes

Subway Surfers Promo Codes List 2022 Latest best Update

Subway Surfers was released on May 24, 2012, with holiday season updates. In January 2013, the latest “World Tour” information updated the game rankings for each of the three (or four, no casualties) on the holidays.

Subway Surfers is a racing game that never ends. The game begins by touching the touch screen, when Jack (the first point of the game) or another character explodes on the graffiti train, then the inspector and his dog are caught playing the role. In operation, players can slide up, down, left, or right to avoid obstacles, especially when traveling on trains, poles, tunnel walls, and obstacles.

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By increasing the speed, you can earn more points. An accident will end the game, but the player will continue to use the keys. The player can collect various items such as coins, keys, multipliers, accessories, reaction bags, magnets, mystery boxes, and jumpers. The electric jumper allows you to start traveling with a character, while the jet pack can contain snowflakes, a magnetic piece that will attract all the pieces of the track, with a lot of space. You can Come and mark the result. Units like hoverboards show that the character can avoid a collision that lasts 30 seconds.

Compensation is charged for individual plays during game time in daily challenges and weekly hunting. Depending on the accuracy of the players, trials may vary on different tasks. You can easily save up to 18 characters by attaching coins, keys, buying games, dying for unique items, or joining a Facebook account.

Most roles can be from 2 different organizations. 17 more plates can be opened in the same way at the same time. Everyone can be different and help the player. When the game is updated to a new location, the hover badges and boards will be used temporarily until the next update.

Subway Surfers Promo Codes List 2022 Latest best Update

Promotional codes for Subway surfers: the perfect advice

Subway surfers promo codes

Active and available promotional codes
Earn 0 valid promotional codes, but get your bonus fast:
Houston Update: Codes Available
You can check out the new promo code next week. We will update this list with each new promotional code
Promotional codes have expired

  • Singapore Dollar: Use promo code to get 5555 coins
  • Diablo60: Use the promo code to get Diablo and 5 keys
  • DiabloNow: Use this coupon code for Diablo
  • Monday Mimi: Use this coupon code to get Mimi
  • HereKittyKitty: Use this coupon code to get Kitty
  • back2moscow: Use promo code to get 9,001 copies
  • moscow6key: use the promo code to get 6 keys
  • Moscow surprise: promo code 1 is available, but will only be available in the first 3 minutes of the Moscow update
  • mmbatpin: Earn 5000 coins with a promotional code
  • mmcablegoat: use a promo code to get 5 keys
  • Bangkokcoins: Use promo code to win 5000 coins
  • Ps4plz: Use the promo code to get the PS4
  • Control keys: Use the 100 most important features of the promotional code
  • Kiloo19Keyz: Use the promo code to get 19 keys
  • Coins London2018: Use the promotional code to win 10,000 coins
  • GIEFROCKETPLZ: Use a promotional code to get a rocket
  • Frank4Lyfe: Use promo code to win 5000 coins
  • Subway2019Venice: Use a promotional code to get 9999 copies
  • Sybo10k: Use promo code to get 10,000 copies
  • copies: use the promo code to get 5000 copies
  • MissMaiaGP: use this promotional code to get Miss Maia
  • Buttons: Use this promo code to get 5 keys
  • Keys5Zurich: use the promo code to get 5 keys
  • bdaykey: use this opportunity to get five keys to the promo code
  • bdaycoins: Use promo code to get 7,000 coins
  • BaliSummer: uses a promotional code of 10,000 copies as well as 10 basic options
  • UnlockBCN: uses the 13 main features of the promotional code
  • key2singapore: use the promo code to get 8 keys

Edition with versions

There are various underground browsers of Icelandic versions available online, such as v1.60.0, v1.85.0, modern version, pirated version, etc. Has published many versions for different countries such as:

  • Subway Surfers Island
  • Subway surfers San Francisco
  • Subway Surfers Singapore
  • Subway surfers in the north
  • Subway surfers Peru
  • Subway surfers Mumbai
  • Subway surfers Madagascar
  • Subway surfers Prague
  • Subway surfers in Kenya
  • Subway surfers Shanghai
  • Subway surfers Amsterdam

Subway Surfers: Animated Series

On June 1, 2018, a series of six short films launched on the YouTube channel SYO Games. The 10×4 minute episode is directed by Brent Friedman and Francesca Marie Smith and produced by Sander Schartz. Chris Bartleman is the Managing Director and Michael Hagner is the Managing Director. Guilomi from Denmark offers post-production services.

APK file install

APK files are very easy to install, but if you don’t know, follow the steps below.

  • First, install any Subway Surfers game from your Android phone once you’re installed.
  • Now just click on the button above and download the latest Subway Surfers MOD APK.
  • Now go to the download folder and search the downloaded file.
  • Just click on it and click install.
  • Before doing so, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option in the Android Settings menu.
  • Now, wait for the installation process to complete.
  • When you’re ready, you’ll find the Subway Surfers app icon with unlimited keys on the home screen.
  • Just tap it and without any restriction start playing the game.

Latest features of Subway Surfers

  • Subway Surfers are really amazing, and the high-quality colors and vibrant HD graphics make it perfect on any device.
  • The latest version of Subway Surfers will take you on a wonderful new tour of Iceland
  • The latest version of Android Metro Surfers contains some hidden secrets that you can find while playing the game.
  • Metro surfers have very fast games so you can get great feedback while playing.
  • You can challenge and help your friends in this game and link your accounts on social media.
  • The weekly hunting prizes are available in the latest version, where you can participate and chase.
  • Everything in the Subway Surfers Mega Mode app is closed, so you can play as you like with the board.

The last word

Subway surfers, of course, is now one of the most popular games in the world. If you haven’t played this game yet, we suggest you download it today from our mobile app store and try it for yourself. The good thing is Subway Surfers 2.1.0 MOD APK is free to download and you can play it without registration or registration. If you like, you can download APK Subway Surfers Unlimited Keys from this link and play this game without any restrictions.

Remember there are many websites that provide Subway Surfers Hack 2018 APK, so be careful with fake and evil sites. Cracked Subway Surfers APK is not safe, so if you are looking for the latest Subway Surfers MOD, you can download it safely from the page. Please let us know if you encounter any errors while downloading and installing the APK file.

Subway surfers promo codes FAQs

What is a subway surfer promo code?

Subway Surfers World Tour: London 2018 tourism codes include promotional codes, where you can enter settings to enter the code, scroll through the promotional code selection, and then enter the suggested code Kilo and Sybo.

How strange is the subway surfer jackpot?

In other words, choose Mystery 1 out of every 100 chances to win, 15:85. There are many more chances to lose, even if you win, they have a jackpot of 1:15. Now bet on the game, this option will increase from 100 to 10,000 and the payout percentage will only be divided into a jackpot of 0.10 and items, and so on.

Can you disturb the subway lines?

But this time with subway surfers or some other game like Temple Run, I guarantee you won’t get in the race. Not now! Although they are classified as endless racing games, they are not infinite. … Improve your odds to get a better chance of ever staying on the subway surfers.

Can you hack subway players?

Subway Surfers APK allows you to hack tracks, keys, and many other things. You can play with your favorite character and move on without any problems. … So you can use the MOD APK and you will definitely win.

Are you already a skier?

Although Subway Surfers and Temple Run are classified as endless racing games, they are not endless, you must stop the game at some point.

What is the fastest subway hoverboard?

All Daredevil signs allow you to navigate faster. Daredevil has the cheapest hoverboard with special abilities. Daredevil has the same jet pack speed as Hot Rod.
Subway Surfers World Tour: London 2018 tourism codes include promotional codes, where you can enter settings to enter the code, scroll through the promotional code selection, and then enter the suggested code Kilo and Sybo.

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