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Call spoofing is the trick of hiding the caller’s phone number. On Android, there are different methods to secrete your phone number from others. One of the ways to use the app is to create a call log. truth; Android has apps for everything. Androidpureapps listed the best call spoof app for Android devices. Check out our special list of Android spoofing apps that can help you change or hide your phone number.

Android has grown into a huge natural environment over the past few years. The Google Play Store is one of the main markets where you can find the Android app you want. It continues to grow in size with thousands of apps listed on Google Play every day.

Just like any other section, if you search for Caller ID Spoof Apps for Android cell, there are hundreds of apps in the Google Play Store available. However, not everything is worth the time. Some of these apps are free, some are paid, and some come with a variety of free credits so you can test the app before you buy. Without further ado, here is a list of the best caller ID spoofing apps.

10 Best Spoof App

1. Dingtone

Dingtone is a calling and messaging app. It works primarily as a secondary line service or as a low-cost phone service for people with Wi-Fi. However, you can easily change your phone number, view ads, and make free calls. So, you can set up fraudulent calls from time to time if you need to. This works great for free texting as well unless you care about seeing ads. It’s not a phone ID spoofer or anything like that. But it’s quick and easy to sign up, so you can still have fun.

2. MyPhoneRobot

MyPhoneRobot is a very simple & easy app that works as considered. You pay small amounts on certain loans and use that debt to corrupt people with fake numbers. The app also includes many pre-recorded messages, some of which are very good. It worked well in our tests. However, the app records calls and charges call credits, so it’s a bit overkill. Still, it’s a solid app around, especially if you’re a good person.

3. Talkatone

Talkatone is a service that provides phone numbers for calls and texts. This is usually done for those who want a second line, for those who want an anonymous line, or for those who want the mainline for those who don’t want a phone system. However, these apps make spoof dialing apps.

You can find a number that no one knows about, find the phone (for you or someone else), and run away. Services like this also provide messaging, so if you’re trying to go that route, you might be sending the wrong number. The app works on a credit system so you can spend less if you want, make a phone call, and spend more later if you want.

4. Text plus

TextPlus is very similar to Dingtone. Register and get a real number you use to call and text people. You can easily change your number if you need to, and you get a set number of free calls and texts each month. You can get even more by viewing ads or subscribing to the service for a monthly fee. This is one of the largest and most respected free calling apps in the universe and has worked well for us. Most of the features are for those looking for another phone, not a joke to confuse people. But if you want more, you can find voice-switching apps and similar features elsewhere.

5. Call spoofer

Call spoofer is the best app for making spoof calls on Android devices in the Google Play Store. The app allows you to set your favorite number that you want to show to the caller, and you can change your voice from male to female and vice versa. The great thing about this app is that before you buy the app, you can get free credits to see if the app really works and fits your needs.

6. Primo

Primo is one of the best calling apps currently available on Android. This app is one of the limited numbers of Android calling apps in the Google Play Store. This free spoofing app permits you to make voice calls, send messages, video chats, and share files with friends and family using 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.

Primo Features:

  • You can make free calls in over 60 locations (landline calls only).
  • Free Primo Chat for free Primo Chat and calls.
  • Text messaging.
  • Find your friends and earn rewards.
  • Share files like text, photos, videos, and other files.

7. Incognito Caller ID

Incognito Caller ID, formerly known as Spoof Card, is another great Android spoofing app. This app provides phone ID change and spoof messaging service with the Android app available in the Google Play Store.

Here are some of the features of Spoof Card:

  • Change the background sound to make it sound like you’re stuck in traffic jams, casinos, airports, and more!
  • Show phone ID almost anywhere you want
  • Record a call for future use or to remind someone of the contract.
  • Easily share the recording with the app
  • Change your voice to look more like a man or a woman. Protect yourself or just have fun!

The app also offers a free trial for all first-time users. So, if you are not sure if our app is for you, please download it and try it out. You can call and try all the features for free.

8. Convert Calling

Convert Calling is available with many features that override phone ID and messaging voice change, and call recording. However? These add-ons are only available in the premium program.

They offer paid programs starting at $10 USD, for $10 you get 100 minutes of talk time and all premium features. Payment modes for all types of bank cards, credit cards, and PayPal.

9. SpoofTel

SpoofTel is a straightforward and easy-to-call service, but the app is only available for desktop and iPhone. We also plan to release the SpoofTel app for Android and Blackberry platforms.

SpoofTel features:

  • Caller ID spoofer.
  • You can make text messages, voice calls, and call recordings.
  • You can plan a strike.
  • In addition, fax availability, area codes, toll-free numbers, and voice mail services are available.

10. Fake Me A Call

This application allows you to receive fake calls from selected contacts. It will also help you get out of a bad or unpleasant situation or have a good time with your friends. This app allows you to check the number and picture of a fake caller. You can even arrange calls and set specific ringtones for fake callers.

We love this because it has so many great add-ons that we love. For example, it uses a proximity sensor to determine if the phone is near your face, so the screen goes black just like a real dialer system. The pro version is $10.99 outrageous, but if not, it’s one of the best calling apps out there.

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Spoof App FAQs

Can spoof calls be tracked?

Telecom service providers can track the actual number of the spoofed call. If you have been the victim of a spoof call, law enforcement can help. spoof call hides the actual phone ID, but the caller id app lets you know what other users think of that number.

Are spoof calls illegal?

In accordance with the Truth in Caller ID Act, FCC rules prohibit the transmission of misleading or incorrect phone ID information for the purpose of fraud, injury, or misappropriation of any value, but cheating is not always illegal.

Can you see that the number was misused?

If you receive a call stating that your number came from your phone ID, the number may be lost and you can add a message to your voicemail to notify callers that your number is being used. In general, scammers change numbers constantly.

How do spammers use phone numbers?

Usually, spammers use VoIP (Voice Over IP) services or IP phones for spoofing. They both use the Internet to make phone calls. spammers use automatic dialing software to quickly connect to one of the phone numbers listed. Usually, these applications are used for automatic calls.

How do telemarketer numbers subtract?

Customers call the number they want to appear as the number provided by the company, PIN, destination number, and phone ID. The call connects or is forwarded and arrives at the spoofing number selected by the caller to trick the recipient.

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