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Soula Whatsapp | Best Modified Whatsapp To Download 2022

The new invention of digital telecommunications and social media services has made life more accessible and easier. Many of us are grateful for having WhatsApp communication. Today, One of the most favored applications in WhatsApp mod is Soula WhatsApp.

Soula WhatsApp: Today we will talk about Soula WhatsApp with all the related and useful features and information about this app. So, we will also provide a download link for Soula Whats-App and I hope you like this app and this article.

This is not an open-source application and many templates are built based on the source app and can be used to add new features or improve features and templates for this chat app. By installing this app, you understand that it provides functionality similar to any other app.

The modified version of the official WhatsApp is the Soula Whatsapp with some features and tweaks.

Soula WhatsApp has two versions. Both the theme and the official version have great benefits and can bring the app to users. The Soula Whats-App has two versions. The simplified official version of the app is very useful for users.


  • Soula Whatsapp | Best Modified Whatsapp To Download 2022
  • Soula Whatsapp
  • Soula Whatsapp | Best Modified Whatsapp To Download 2022

Soula Whatsapp Features

  • The message lets you change the name, NO, or Stella of WhatsApp using Soula WhatsApp. You can save by hiding the chat button on the WhatsApp home screen. This allows you to remove the gray line to separate conversations on the home screen.
  • Change the launcher icon in 12 different styles. All styles are beautiful. The idol will convert to the Soula WhatsApp idol.
  • Notifications do not stop audio playback. You can send videos above 700MB on Soula WhatsApp. Sharing real photo quality doesn’t compromise image quality. Soula Whats-App’s video limit is 30 minutes now.
  • If you don’t want to place it as a friend, you can send a text to your WhatsApp.
  • All hidden tasks are unlocked in the first app.
  • Improved privacy settings affect chat management, groups, and contacts, including the ability to share items.
  • Lots of space to record your luck
  • A new package for smiles and icons

Explained Feature

Soula extends a variety of kindness to the users of the app. The features that the app can offer are:

  • Main / Chat screen mode

At the top of Soula’s page is “WhatsApp”. Text to allow you to change WhatsApp Theme, number, or status using Soula WhatsApp models. You can hide and save the chat button on the big screen of this WhatsApp. This will clear the gray border of the main screen where you chat.

  • Media sharing mode

Notifications do not capture audio playback. You have permission to share up to 700MB of movie files on WhatsApp Soula. Sharing the actual image quality does not damage the image quality. Soula WhatsApp currently has a 30-minute video share.

  • Privacy mode

You can hide your online presence with the last pin option. Cancel mode prevents others from deleting your messages. If you allow this option, you can prevent others from undoing characters you have sent to yourself or your group. Hide Status View mode allows you to see your WhatsApp status without anyone knowing. Soula WhatsApp can hide blue ticks and second ticks. You can also write or record voice memos for contacts, streams, or group chats by hiding/recording status mode.

  • Change the icon

Change the icon of this launcher to select 12 styles. All species are new. The image will switch to the Soula WhatsApp app icon.

  • General setup mode

This option is to change the color of the theme from white to black with the global settings option. You can enable or disable the contact counter from the Soula WhatsApp icon. This option shows the number of unread messages. The app has many chat options while discussing being a card, and you can switch from individual chats to other chats.

Download and install

Have you finished downloading Soula WhatsApp? Don’t waste your time! Here are some guidelines to install Soula WhatsApp APK on your device.

  • Go to Settings, then Security.
  • Make sure you start with an unknown source
  • View APK file on the smartphone
  • Tap at the file and follow the directions.
  • We recommend that you delete anonymous sources, but this is special.

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Soula Whatsapp FAQs

What is the Soula Whats-App?

The modified version of the official WhatsApp is the Soula Whats-App with some features and tweaks.

How do I update Soula Whatsapp?

Download the latest version of Soula WhatsApp. Find the APK link above. Then install the APK as usual. Uninstall previously downloaded apps for updates. Before updating your Soula WhatsApp app, we recommend that you back up your files. In this way the chats, important files are not properly placed, and security is kept tight.

How to download Soula Whats-App?

You can easily download the Soula WhatsApp APK by clicking the button above to download the app.

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