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RA Whatsapp | Best Whatsapp in 2022

RA WhatsApp is a WhatsApp (WA) app launched by a moderator named Ridwan Arifin. What manufacture RA WhatsApp is proud of that it was modified by a native Indonesian who works as a programmer. A lot of people started using this modified WhatsApp to get some interesting features.

This RA fix for WhatsApp is very popular due to its unique and unique look. RA people usually read it as Rava. Or some even tweeted RA Yo WhatsApp, developed by Ridwan Arifin. It should be noted that there are many changes to WhatsApp. WhatsApp in addition to RA WhatsApp, WhatsApp Arrow, GB WhatsApp, Food WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp.

These applications are developed by third parties for the purpose of developing or adding features to WhatsApp tsp that are not in the official WhatsApp application. A feature available in this mode is, for example, a file-sharing feature that does not limit the size and number of files transferred.

In general, there is a limit to the number of files you can send to the original WhatsApp. And many more for you to enjoy. RA WhatsApp feature points will be explained in detail. WhatsApp mods are in demand and in demand as they bring a new vibe to the chatting world. It doesn’t matter how many individuals want to work with this app.


  • RA Whatsapp | Best Whatsapp in 2022
  • RA Whatsapp | Best Whatsapp in 2022
  • RA Whatsapp | Best Whatsapp in 2022

RA Whatsapp Features

Before using RAWA, first, understand where RAWA goes so that you can use it properly.

  • Customize the look

This WhatsApp MOD highlights additional display settings that you can change. You can customize the free look with various black, white themes and many other interesting themes.

You can also change the font type, font size, bubble chat, and you can also change title tab size. You can change the look of WA news like Instagram stories to make them very different.

  • Send different types of files

Outgoing files are not limited to jpg or doc file extensions. You can send files with extensions txt, doc, Docx, ppt, Xls, vcard, rar, and zip.

  • Send multiple image files

RA WA MOD allows you to send up to 90 images at a time. However, the photos you post will still retain their quality in size.

  • Send large video

The maximum size of a video that can be submitted in WA Original is 16 MB. However, the RA WhatsApp app allows you to send videos up to 30 MB. The size of the video you can upload is not as big as OG WhatsApp, which is 1GB, but this 30MB is enough.

  • Privacy settings

RAWA privacy features are almost identical to those of FM WhatsApp. This feature permits you to secrete various notifications to make them more private. For example, if you want to hide Last Viewed or Last Viewed, move the label to send a message (blue checkmark). You can also send an audio or video call to any contact you want.

  • Security feature settings

This WA Mod can provide security for your app data. There is an Applock app that locks the WA program with a PIN or password. You can also create a WA icon to tap on others.

  • Activate limited combat features

Modified WA program should have blocking function like this RA RA apk. RAWA’s developers are constantly updating to update WA’s official privacy policy. This is also demonstrated by using the WA Mod properly without overdoing it.

  • Stream message identification

Broadcast messages are often annoying, but you can now catch them with the RA app. This is because RA has the ability to detect broadcast messages sent individually or in groups.

Latest Features

In addition to the good features above, the RAWA iO has the following new features:

  • Change Emoji.
  • IOS and default emoji.
  • Hide media from the gallery.
  • More language options.
  • Delete WA log.
  • Thousands of free themes are available.
  • Watch videos without downloading.
  • Change the blue tick with different symbols.
  • Cover photo and profile details.
  • Conversation style.
  • Calendar widget in the taskbar.
  • Removable browser navigation tabs.
  • The size counter tab.
  • Anti-deletion messages.
  • Initial app icons and notifications.
  • Result view list.
  • Tap the friend status link to your contacts.
  • Increases the number of characters in the story from 139 to 250.
  • Screen design.

Download and install

  • First, you need to agree to the Unknown Sources option in terms of settings.
  • Tap at the Download button above.
  • Once the download is complete, go to the File Manager menu and find RAWA in the Downloads folder.
  • Tap the file to start the installation process. When prompted for confirmation, select Yes.
  • After the installation process is complete, log in with your preferred number.
  • Then you do your first WA setup by verifying your mobile number and uploading your profile picture or setting your account name.
  • Choose Restore to restore all data to open this RAWA.

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RA Whatsapp FAQs

Is RA WhatsApp safe?

We’ve been using pure WhatsApp on our Android devices for a while now and we haven’t encountered any problems so far, so we can see that they have a well-used Anti-Ban. It is completely safe to use the WhatsApp version modified by Fouad Mokdad.

What about advertising?

No ads will be available while using this version.

What is APK Download?

The APK abbreviation for Android package kits and its is used for installing Android applications (eg Windows EXE).

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