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PubG Update Xbox | 2022 easy Update Xbox PubG Mobile

A player’s unknown battlefield (or PUBG, as it is commonly known) reduces the popularity of colorful fighting games. It’s a remake that targets countless rivals like Fort Knight and Apex Legends, but it’s still a game played on Steam and Xbox Live.
Unlike competitors, PUBG is a more artificial affair, given the right weapons and physics, such as ammunition and changing weather conditions. Should you take Fortnight’s brilliant artwork or Call of Duty Off Warson’s fast-paced game via PUBG, it’s also an Xbox play card.

PUBG has released PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS as it quickly becomes the Steam Early Access to reach the best player for Steam. Pubg Lite is also a free game that can be used on devices such as laptops. PUBG receives regular updates, including new content, features – and – perhaps to some extent – major bug fixes. Here we discuss briefly pubg update Xbox.

where are we going?

But what is PUBG? So, if you have seen the Beat Royale movie, you should understand the main idea. 100 athletes traveled to the desert island and ran in a hurry. You have to find weapons, guns, and healing items, and then all you need to do is survive until you stand in front of the last person.
To make things even more interesting, you need to move to a constantly shrinking area that appears randomly on land, air, or sea on a map. If you get stuck in this area, you slowly lose, suddenly increasing with the development of the game.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave the area.
If you manage to go to the end, the phrase appears “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” on the screen. And because of the difficulties between each match, you may want to take a screenshot because they don’t come often.
While the game is now available on many platforms, PUBG is constantly evolving with the addition of new maps, survivors, and fun ways for players to enjoy themselves. We’ll show you something new about why it’s important and what a player is doing on an unknown battlefield.

What is the latest update of PUBG PC?

Update 7.3 is now online
Update 7.3 is already available and focuses on many car changes, new explosions, and some improvements in quality of life.

Car damage
Immediately when vehicles reach zero HP. Will not explode Instead, players will now have a small deposit window because the engine is off and the first car is on fire. Five seconds later, the car exploded.
In addition to causing maximum damage to the car, the engine is the best place to direct your fire and will respond to its speed.

New launcher
Speaking of explosives, PUBG got a new concrete builder. The C4 will be added to Battlefield as part of Update 7.3 and is expected to offer exciting gameplay opportunities. You won’t be able to borrow on the C4 because of its weight, but it has a 25-meter wide beam within the explosive range, which can penetrate the core.

Follow the parasite
The last known change is the ability to automatically follow a teammate during this skydiving. Before leaving the plane, you can choose to follow a step, which will make it easier for you to manage your worst movement.
In addition to the three major additions, most of the other changes are related to bug fixes, improved quality of life, and the addition of new skin purchases.
Read the full patch note for PC 7.3 updates …

Update 7.2

PubG Update Xbox | 2022 easy Update Xbox PubG Mobile

Update 7.2 is available for installing PC disks. The major update introduced some interesting changes to the game, the most important of which is the ranking method.

Ranked Mode

  • There are a lot of questions about the end of the season rankings and the rewards available. We’ll share more pricing details at the end of the season.
  • The current filing deadline ends July 28 with the restoration, and a new filing will begin immediately after the restoration is complete.
  • One week before the end of the season, a timer appears on the lobby screen leaderboard, so you can quickly see how much time is left.
  • Awards are listed
  • The awards for Season 7 are given for the first time since a player enters the game after the life of Season 8.
  • The ranking prizes for Season 7 are determined at the end of Season 7 by a consistently high-level player.
  • At the end of the season, players will receive a bonus prize in the first 500 rankings.
  • 7.2 In the release note, we explain the principle difference between normal condition and rank mode. However, the following items have been deleted:
  • M249, DBS, and Spike Trap mistakenly climb into rating mode. “

Start opponents

It doesn’t seem logical to criticize console players, the developer of PUBG Corp added. bots on the PC version of PUBG, updated to 7.2. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid them, as they only occur in regular sports, but this remains a divisive factor. As you increase your skills, bots are designed to appear less often, but unfortunately, developers are known for this.

Gameplay balance

Other adjustments were made to the strength and character of each type of weapon, with the M416 getting a moderate C-pop, while other assault rifles such as the M16A4, Barrel M762, and MK47 mutations would have been improved. gems.
The biggest change in the gameplay is the way the gas plates can be used. Now you can put fuel on the ground and light it with a weapon like a flashlight, and if you’re in the middle you can shoot gas and shoot your opponents.

Frustrated, we’ll have to wait a while for the gas to arrive as PUBG Corporation removed them from the modern patch due to technical issues.
Due to an issue with the new features, the scheduled gas update has been delayed and not included in update 7.2.

Season 7:

At the end of the weekend, a “new” weapon is included and the survivors
The 7.1 updates saw the long-awaited return of the weekend, the snow-covered PUBG card accidentally put aside in season 6. The old WikiLeaks generally did not like players due to some performance issues and unpopularity. Pitches. This time everything changed, as the weekend took on a new look and the players became the new focus of combat.

The dilapidated Dino Park has now been transformed into an amusement park, completely transforming the feel of a simple amusement park. There are also nine trains on the map – and yes, you can take them to any of the 12 stations.
Additional changes include features and redesign in some areas, such as the Abbey and Kirznik Mountain, and you will notice less snow on the ground. For this reason, snowmobiles and snowmobiles have been eliminated in favor of standard motorcycles, such as side-track motorcycles.

It wouldn’t be a big update without adding new weapons to the mix, although Moisesen Nagant isn’t too new. It is usually a new version of the popular Kar98k, but it offers its own unique look and sound effects. Hey, we’re all different, so it won’t break the deal.
Finally, there is a brand new Shred Survivor Pass called “Cold Front”. It consists of 100 levels with non-leaf skins, experience bonuses, and emotions to complete and collect challenges.

The latest pubg update Xbox One and PS4?

Season 7 is over now
After Season 6, developer PUBG Corporation sought to better integrate PC and console upgrades. It usually takes about two weeks for the console to reach the PC version of the game, but this mode has recently been discontinued, especially since Season 7 was released on April 28. It brings all the features of the PC version, including the new Weekend and Survivor Pass: Cold Front.

The biggest change in the PUBG console is the addition of robots to each card. While this is an update that will no doubt cause controversy among the press, the robot has been added to introduce new players to the game. In a recent blog post, PUBG Corporation stated that a robot operating in a game is designed to work like your normal player, but obviously, it’s easy to hit.

Console players can drop robots because the long-awaited space is now available as part of update 7.2. Angry, it’s only open to teams (four men or one person), so you need to work with multiple like-minded teams to get the most out of it.
[Console] Completion of maintenance and update to 7.2 is now enabled! Enjoy the experience with new content, including dashboard layout, AR and shotgun balance changes, armored changes, bug fixes, and more.

Bug fixes

  • Squats/stands are re-run when ads can be knocked by moving the animation
  • There are no ADS transfer animations when using CanS Sight
  • Players can jump off walls or roofs of buildings while jumping from the hall
  • Large bags temporarily block the view of the collar when the EDS engine is in the press
  • Players can place advertisements on BRDM immediately after arrival
  • Sometimes the camera is in the wrong position when checking FPP
  • Healing or stabilization prevented many passengers from walking properly
  • ADS is sensitive to TPP athletes, but accidentally reaches corners without turning in the lower part of the body
  • Players can accidentally ride an AR / DMR / SR motorcycle in the back seat
  • Left-leaning figures riding a motorcycle after destroying a devastating fence
  • The player’s camera removes the mark after loading the gun while the ADS engine is at the interface
  • When holding objects, they can land in certain situations and send player effects without the use of grenades.
  • Flares can float in the air while looking up at the sky and pressing the “check” button
  • When Molotov was shot, the flames did not spread to the ground.
  • The projection line that can be rolled does not match the direction of the mark on the vehicle
  • The player’s body can be attached when hit by a contact weapon sitting on a passenger seat
  • In some cases, Tommy Gunn’s vision disappears
  • The steps are described after leaving the motor connection
  • UMP45 weapons can be heard longer than expected
  • The sounds of ammunition are not heard
  • Empty products in the interface may be in stock
  • The current race tab menu does not display weather information
  • Some BP items appear to be available for purchase if you do not have enough BP to purchase
  • The Red Dot and Hollow site does not mention Tommy Gunn as an “attachable weapon.”
  • When using a rocket gun, the interface of the special care package may not specify green in some cases.
  • DBS statistics were not saved
  • Win94 murders are listed on DBS
  • The Suns Wiped Sports Jacket returns other items

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Pubg update xbox FAQs

What’s the New PUBG Update for Xbox?

PUBG recently received a 7.1 update that will bring a new game to Season 7. The new update includes new bots for Player Station 4 and Xbox One to keep new players in balance. PUBG programs have found that experienced players have become a challenge for new players.

Is PUBG free on Xbox 2020?

Elsewhere, while the PS4 version of PUBG is expected, Microsoft has taken basic steps to keep PUBG audiences in the Xbox One app. From now on, and true, you get Player Yuan Battlefield on Xbox One for free.

What does the boot look like in PUBG?

Boats are players who do not have the fighting skills that players have. … When human players can catch fire, boats get stuck or move in a certain direction. Also, robots will not shoot at you until you are covered. PUBG is usually found on mobile phones at the beginning of the boot game.

Where is the PUBG ban?

Shortly afterward, PUBG Mobile was banned in several Indian cities. Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara have banned popular and intoxicating sports. Then there were Bhoon Nagar and Gir Somnath. The district administration of Arwal has also banned the game for a month.

Is PUBG free on Xbox?

Microsoft has released the Unknown Bit Field Player (PUBG) for free download and play. The software giant states that the full 1.0 release of PUBG for the Xbox is “free for a limited time”, and you can play the game right away from the Microsoft Store. Can download.

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