pubg patch notes

pubg patch notes

Player Notes Field (PUBG) is a privately owned online game developed by PUBG Corporation of Bluehole, a subsidiary of Southhole Gaming. The game is based on Brandon’s old methods of Brandon Player Not Famous Green, developed for other games inspired by 2000. The Japanese film Butt Royal, in extension to Sandstone under Creative Green.

In the game, up to 100 players canopy the island and look for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding suicide. The safe space available for the game map is shrinking over time, moving to more difficult places to force survivors to compete. The last player or team to win a permanent rotation.
Byte Grounds was first released for Microsoft Windows in March 2017 via Steam Access Early Beta, with a full release in December 2017.

In this article, we’ll show you all the pubg patch notes.

The game was also released by Microsoft Studios the same month via Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview and will be officially released in September 2018. A free version for mobile phones for Android and iOS will be released in 2018, as well as a port on PlayStation 4, a version of the Studia broadcast platform released in April 2020. One of the best-selling arenas is the best-selling and played video games. As of 2019, PC and game console versions have sold more than 60 million copies, with PUBG Mobile having over 600 million downloads.

Questions may ask by players

What’s new in PUBG Mobile?
The update introduces a number of new features, such as the new Miramar update now known as Madness, which includes Madame Miramar, Season 13, a new weapon customization mode, with the new Classic and Eve Ground game modes.

Can I play PUBG without updates?
Vortex allows you to play any game online on Android / Tablet / PC without downloading or updating. 2. You can play it online at NVIDIA Geforce. It is an online streaming service provider that allows you to play many online games, including PUBG Mobile.

What’s the update for PUBG on Xbox One?
PubG ranks PTS Update 7.2 on Xbox One and PS4. PUBG Update 7.2 took the PTS track to Xbox One and PS4. The latest test updates include a new fix layout, rifle envelopes, weapon opportunities, and more.

Is PUBG Free on Xbox 2020?
While the possibility of a PS4 version of PUBG is increasing, elsewhere, Microsoft has taken some drastic steps to keep its Xbox One audience in check. From now on, that’s right, you’ll get PlayerUn’s battlefield for free on the Xbox One.

Pubg Season 6 console release date?
The sixth season of unfamiliar players begins on January 22 for players using steam. If you are a console player, the Xbox One and PS4 are expecting a new season on January 30th.

How much is Pubg 6?
12 weeks
The PUBG 7 season is set to begin on April 29 Pacific Time. Assuming the sixth season lasts 12 weeks, it starts on the computer on January 22 and January 30 on consoles.

What is PUBG Test Server?
PTS is an acronym for Public Test Server and a server that we designed to test and test new features, such as new weapons, weather, etc., before moving directly to the server. PTS is completely free for all players who own PUBG on PS4.

pubg- 6.2 patch notes

Season 6 lasts the whole season. Better yet, Karakin’s intensity and explosiveness are ready for our new mode of pumping without stopping cardiac action, Team Deathmatch. PUBG LABS also returns with the next iteration of our test-based practice test, with changes based on feedback received from the first test.

We make certain requirements and often request changes to launch products. Much attention was paid to Frag Grenades, which saw its change to reduce its overall strength.


The much-requested Team Deathmatch mode has arrived. Serious 8v8 FPP battles in 7 different battlegrounds from your favorite maps. TDM offers classic pistols and PUBG mechanics with all the fun and action to start all over again. The heart rate monitor works differently on CT scans and is supplemented by killing and assistance, restoring your health after you receive no damage within 5 seconds.

The team with the most victories in 10 minutes or the first to hit 50 victories wins the round, with 2 victories to win the match.
Presentation of the game mode:

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP lang
  • Knives
  • Give it back
  • There were no landslides
  • No good fire …

PUBG – 6.1 PATCH Notes

Community mission

Whether or not you purchased the Premium Pass, all players can participate to complete the Community Compliance Gauge, then claim in-game skin rewards and reveal the hidden story of Karakin.
The caliber of the mission can be supplemented by the search for collections on the battlefields.
Players who find and open special cardboard boxes can throw one of three different things.

Once collected, they will be displayed on the indicator of achievement of the community mission as follows:

Disc pieces: count as 1 point towards the objective of community missions
Broken disc: counts as 2 points for the objective of community missions
Old DVD: number 3 points to the goal of community missions
In the Community Mission tab, you can see the results of your score and earn XP in proportion to the individual contribution score.

Seasonal mission

There are three themes of seasonal missions
Each track will be released monthly in January, February, and March.
Locked tracks will display the time before being locked.

Development mission

  • Players can earn a lot of XP by completing progression missions.
  • Tracks 1, 2 contain a set of 8 missions each with a gradual increase in the mission authorized for all players.
  • Track 3 contains a set of 10 missions permission which will gradually increase the difficulty authorized for players with Premium Pass.
  • Milestones are reached when an established objective linked to daily, weekly and difficult missions is reached.
  • Example: complete 70 daily missions in total

Mission challenge

  • These are difficult missions that require the use of designated weapons.
  • Lists of weapons:
  • Scorpion (handgun)
  • Win94 (SR)
  • QBZ (AR)
  • AKM (AR)
  • QBU (DMR)

Earn level items for next season

  • You can claim level items for next season as a reward for the value of the premium pass.
  • These items will not be sold and will be activated at the start of the next season (season 7).
  • Levels on the list of survivors:
  • 5 item levels x 2
  • 1 level x 5

PUBG – 5.3 Patch Notes

Improvements in blood effects

  • Headshots, including the neck area, produce a more unique visual effect to ensure clear stroke recognition
  • Bloodshed would appear on the walls and floors if the character was touched with him
  • Blood splatter size was combined in all color settings
  • The effects of blood on the characters now provide a more accurate visual representation of the affected parts of the body

Vending machine

  • Reduce the maximum number of users per machine from 15 to 10


  • Increase the total number of nail traps that appear

Saving the cloud

  • The cloud settings can now be saved in the settings screen
  • Saved settings can be loaded to the settings screen if necessary
  • This allows players to load their account settings even when playing on a new PC
  • Cannot save hardware-dependent settings
  • GRAPHIC: All parameters in the GRAPHIC category except “Language setting”
  • GAMEPLAY: I can’t save the “Sign Inventory” setting
  • The Cloud Save option is located at the bottom right of the settings screen
  • Server test settings can only be stored on the server test account

PUBG – 5.2 PATCH Notes

Battlefield Update 5.2 has arrived and we are offering a new way to contribute to the evolution of battlefields. PUBG Labs debuts as a new destination where you can try out our latest game modes and help us refine them.
The fast hijinks continue with this season 5 update, but we’re giving players something to show the competition their red lights on the brakes with Spike Trap.

Vikendi has been given a facelift to develop the most effective sniper techniques on the map.
There are plenty of covers for this update so let’s get some loot, start our car and try not to detonate a tire as we go around with Update 5.2.

PUBG Labs?

  • PUBG Labs is a space where we introduce you to the experimental game features and collect your comments to perfect them as permanent additions to the game.
  • You can see PUBG Labs in the menu under the Play button.
  • PUBG laboratories are constantly updated with new content. Game modes, new rule sets, and maybe even new perspectives to follow.
  • The most important thing for PUBG Labs is your valuable opinion! Feel free to let our community managers know what you think of your experience.

pubg 5.1 update

  • LA Muerte Vamos track
  • A running track has been added, which is the location of A La Muerte Vamos in Miramar.
  • You can now find newly added items such as ramps, loops, jumps and signs in Miramar
  • New Gold Mirado
  • A Gold Mirado has been added to Miramar, located right in the Hacienda del Patron garage.
  • Some areas of the Hacienda del Patron have been modified to allow you to safely climb on the Gold Mirado.
  • Each match contains only one Gold Mirado.
  • Miramar in spring cleaning
  • Some small objects and debris were removed in and around the buildings to reduce clutter and facilitate theft.

Improved spawn balance for Miramar items

  • The spawn rates of effective long-range weapons and telescopes have been increased to better match the long-range commands common in Miramar.
  • AR – up to 12%
  • DMR – up 29%
  • Win94 – 30% increase
  • Range – 18% increase
  • The speed of the appearance of the pistol has decreased by 31%.
  • The appearance rates of helmets, bags, and vests have increased slightly.


Cross-platform game

  • Players can be linked-to players from other console platforms with Cross-Platform Play.
  • The multi-party feature that allows players to party with players from different platforms is not currently supported.
  • The multi-stakeholder arrangement is expected to be developed and details will be shared at a later date.
  • The Cross-Platform Play option can be activated/deactivated in “Settings – Gameplay – General settings”.
  • If a match is not found after a certain time with the Cross-Platform Play option “Cross”, the players will be asked if they wish to activate the Cross-Platform Play option “.”

Platform recognition icon

  • Players playing on the same platform will display the platform logo for their ID when reading the Cross-Platform Play option “on”.
  • Players can identify other users’ platforms in the loot box, when watching, in a user status message, etc.

Bulletin board

  • The dashboard is displayed differently depending on the state of the cross-platform reading option.
  • Cross-platform play options: leaderboard shows the two players on the console platform
  • Disable the cross-platform option: the ranking only shows players from the same platform.

PUBG – July 23, 2019 | patch notes

The BRDM-2 can only be invoked on a special Flare Gun protection package on all cards and replaces the shielded UAZ.
Across the waterway or terrain, this vehicle adds to your ability to navigate the firefight and the battlefields themselves.


  • The total power of the BRDM-2 is 2,500 and its health is twice as high as that of the UAZ, while the huge, durable tires won’t break.
  • Powerful bulletproof vehicles that can reduce incoming damage such as ammo attacks, grenades, and damage to red areas.
  • The BRDM-2 is an amphibious vehicle that can continue to travel on water, but players cannot shoot.
  • It has a capacity of up to four runners, with a top speed of 22 km / h and a maximum speed of 102 km / h.
  • The damage changes received by the BRDM-2 vary according to the mode:
  • In SOLO mode, damage taken increased by 80%
  • In DUO mode, damage taken increased by 40%

July 2019 |pubg Patch Notes

Now the developers are giving us what to expect from the next July update!

The next fix is scheduled for July 30 PDT / CEST, and you will be able to test the new content on the Public Test Server (PTS) on July 23 PDT / CEST. This update will introduce a new weapon, a Deagle, a new car, BRDM-2, as well as quality improvements and features.
Details here;

New weapon: Diggle
Maximum damage to all pistols.
Rare appearance on all cards.

New vehicle: BRDM-2
It can only be named as a special care package with a rocket pistol.
Inevitably, you can travel on land and on water.
Armored UAZ has been replaced.

Improved gas can
Gas can explode!
At launch, it destroys all players in a radius around its location.

Improved loot layout
The loot is (finally) more suitable for player crates, the circumference of the loot, and sponsorship packages.

Radio message
A new communication function will help you better communicate with your teammates
There are 8 types of messages to choose from, some of which will interact interactively with targets, items, and inventory.

Change the skin of the weapon
An option that allows you to automatically replace the skin with a specific weapon.

PUBG – June 2019 console patch notes

The next patch is currently scheduled for June 27, the PDT will offer many console experience features if needed, including ready-to-use ranges, magazines, mouth accessories, a communication system tag tactics for players who can’t access microphones; and a new control scheduling system to better navigate the battle. Vikendi and Erangel will get rid of thefts and the much-anticipated weapon control system will debut on consoles. More details for each of these items can be found below:

Master the weapons

  • New development features in PUBG with unique, incredible and free bonuses
  • A new way for players to improve their weapons skills

Tactical sign

  • The card now has six tag options to choose from depending on the situation

Rebalance the second Erangel spawn

  • Increase in spawning rates for AR, DMR and SR
  • Features card will move to Erangel de Sanhok with June update

Vikendi Loot Spawn Rebalance

  • Adjust the blue area
  • AR, DMR, and SR respawn rates increased (especially SR)

Attic Attacks

  • We understand that handling console attachments can be difficult and sometimes players can avoid an early fight due to insufficient time to equip
  • To solve this problem, we have created an automatic configuration function to reduce the time when providing the necessary attachments. Less time in your warehouse means more time to fight!

Controller C

  • As with the auto-build feature above, we are focused on improving the overall player experience in combat
  • With the console, the tilt is formed with the fingers of the thumb and we understand that this can sometimes affect your movements and your goal.
  • Control preset C moves the thumb lever to the bumper buttons, in addition to making several other suggested changes.

PUBG – 20.05.2019 PTS patch notes

New weapons: MP5K

  • The MP5K is a new machine gun equipped with a 9 mm ammunition chamber. MP5K is exclusive to Vikendi and replaces Vector on this card.
  • Although the MP5K launch mechanisms are similar to those found in Vector, they have higher lead damage, but with a lower overall launch rate and lower DPS. SMG also has a higher magazine capacity than Vector, which starts with 30 virtual cycles with 40 cycles in an extended magazine.

The main features of the MP5K

  • High rate of fire at 900 rpm with easy withdrawal control
  • Supports all fixing spaces to allow tactical stock, different types of magazines, mouth accessories, buttons, laser scene and of course, ranges
  • The amount of main damage is 33
  • Exclusively for Vikendi

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