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Pokemon gen 2 (pokemon 2 generation), called the gold and silver series in Pokemon Crystal Box bulbs and instructions, are sometimes referred to as older players ’metal races or metal races to copy, the result. First-generation sports have red, green, blue, red, blue, and yellow.

Starting with Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, and later joining Pokemon Crystal, Generation II launched an expansion-focused Pokemon series that introduced the world to a new 100 Pokemon that aren’t there and follows first-generation games. Not available in the New Goton area. Many of these Pok Yim Moons reach out to older Pok Pok evolutionary families, while most are completely new evolutionary families.

The first sign that the second generation was on its way began in early 1997 with the release of the first batch of mobile phones. Bok Yim Moon appeared to Ash Ketchum on the first day of his trip, and when he and Pakkacho became friends, PokeDex did not meet him. This amazing golden bird, from which a golden version was later unveiled, the legendary Shubankar Ho-Oh, is the first Pokemon to debut on a constitutional mobile phone.

The game was originally called “Pocket Monster 2”, and the game is slated to release in late 1997, but Game Boy Keller was used to revamp the game to improve its performance. Published in 1999.
The details of the game show that the story of the second-generation games takes place three years after the second-and third-generation games, while according to the Sinoha-based second-generation story, this happens according to what is to be done. generation. third generation.

Alternative from the first generation

  • Four types of animated changes (Gust, Sand-Attack, Karate Chop, and Bite. All-natural types fly, land, fight, and are now dark).
  • The addition of steel is a by-product of magnetite and magneton.
  • The improvement of the state system, since the former specialization is divided into special attack and defense groups.
  • Game opponents now have PowerPoints like players.
  • While Struggle is still classified as a normal form of transportation, it currently causes unusual damage.
  • The bag is not a container for twenty other items but contains two separate parts for different items: regular items, Poké Balls, TMs and HMs, and important accessories.
  • HMS can now be activated by interacting with named elements (e.g. Water with Surf) by manually selecting Pokémon to use HM.
  • Important items can be set and then used with the comfort radio button in the field.
  • The Pokemon coach is given unique names.
  • If the coach finds and challenges a player, the player now appears in the coach.
  • Exp. All updates exp. Shows and likes.
  • The definition of “upgrade” and not “replacement” in this case is due to the fact that goods of the same name in the Japanese version give us an idea of ​​the mechanism of the goods and not necessarily a complete and independent alternative.
  • In the previous generation, Pokemon was able to gain enough experience to move from one level to another, so there was no learning movement at this level. From this generation, when Pokémon is currently in combat, they have more than once experienced at this level to do so, meaning they will not lose the level they are learning. While the other Pokemon are still jumping from one level to another, they don’t lose it.
  • The city map will be replaced by the electronic Pokégear device, which also has a mobile phone and radio, as well as map features.
  • The way the games gain color on the world map has been improved. Air, such as Pikachu Surf, does not loosen platforms as they move through the area.


  • The pokémon gen 2 is still the least complete race, with a combination of only seven games and three games, in addition to the Pokemon Mini or arcade game.
  • The second generation is the first generation:
  • Submit a new feature called Site and New Items in the top version.
  • Do not enter new fossils.
  • Do not include the safari area.
  • For Pokemon, use different Pokedex elements in the original game pair.
  • The second generation is the only race that:
  • First, he put all his creatures in one product (in this case, beer).
  • At this point, Pokemon gets a total of 251 tricks equal to the total number.
  • In real games, Pokemon usually have different spirits (with rare exceptions, such as Immovable Trio and Leading Legendary Trio).
  • Pokemon allows trade with the previous generation.
  • No progress:
  • Pokemon Legend of the Dragon-Type.
  • New a bad team.
  • New Pokemon League.
  • A development line:
  • The race I knew Mayo and Persian
  • The third generation introduced skate and delicate
  • The fourth generation introduced Glimo and Purugly
  • The fifth generation introduced the porcupine and the leopard
  • The sixth-generation introduced the Aspor and Mystics
  • The seventh-generation introduced Lytton, Toracat, and Insider
  • Although the eighth generation does not embrace a completely new wave of sophistication, Gallerian Mayotte emerges with a new genre, Berserk.
  • More than one type of poison or fly.
  • Since there is no fossil certificate, these elements are not coded in sports.
  • The second generation leaves less space in the Pokemon storage system when a species is captured. Only 280 Pokemon can be captured at a time. There are 251 different types of Pokemon available in this generation.
  • The second generation includes the first major game series, Crystal, which is titled only Japanese Katakana and uses the English word kanji instead of the Japanese equivalent. There is no game mentioned in kanji.
  • Unlike other races, if the player uses interference or deception in the second race game to reach the high grass without Pokemon, they fight immediately. It ends (and in the case of coaches it is considered the winner), instead the player sends Earth Pokemon.
  • The second generation started the trend of putting the legendary Pokemon in the main series instead of starting Pokemon.

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Pokemon gen 2 FAQs

Is pokemon gen 2 capable?

Pokke Transporter has ported everything from a console version of first-generation games or a second-generation game to many pokemon.

What types were added to pokémon gen 2?

In the pokemon 2 generations, two types were added – dark and iron – and replaced with Ghost, Bug, Venom, and Ice types.

Who is the father of the ashes?

Ash’s father is Ash Ketchum’s unknown father from the Anime Pokemon series and Dalia Ketchum’s husband.

Is Juhu Gen 2?

The second generation will present a new area Goto book in the One Moon world in January. Conoco is located just west of the area. … like in Guangzhou, it has an ocean to the south and mountains to the north.

Can you get a free scoreboard?

2 Choice Scorebunny: It has a very nice hidden power
The Greek line draws a witty portfolio that occupies the grassy area when Pokemon start a war. … However, the Scarbani family found the book. This ability works just as well with proteins, and Sanders gives one shot per attack.

What a rare strain of Pokemon?

Pokémon According to the eighth generation, there are 49 glacier types of Pokémon Moon, or 5.5% of all Pokémon Moon species (including species that contain at least one of their most common forms, including Alpha and Gaul plantations). , and these types are rare Forms.

Is there usually a duplicate 1?

I did some googling and found that there is only one genre in real games, but two genres of Gen 2 (gold/silver) and many Gen 1-type Pokemon were introduced in this game and beyond. Two types of games have been updated. He was right.

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