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NM WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp methods I have found online. Because of its amazing features, appearance, and themes, it has become popular all over the world. NM Whatsapp has many amazing features and the developers of this mod are constantly adding new features to new updates.

So, update this mod whenever there is an update so you can always enjoy it.


NM Whatsapp Features

  • Ability to skip all videos and send them to your state (NorahMods – Media Settings – Split Video)
  • Sticker activated on NM WhatsApp
  • Slides are responsive
  • Ability to change the theme of the app
  • Option to share the track Save option
  • New bubble style
  • new style tick
  • Option to change attachment thumbnails
  • No fighting
  • Supports the entire Galaxy S+ Note HTCNexus series and all devices
  • Works 2nd, 3rd, 4th (NM WhatsApp & NMWhatsApp2 & GBWhatsApp)
  • Special folders for NMWA and NMWA2 and GBWA
  • Option to add comments to groups
  • Easily switch between audio and video calls. Just touch the video button during a call.
  • Group information can be retrieved from the list of group participants.
  • Redirect message label (sent from another conversation)
  • Stickers can be sent
  • Screen Content Control Options Main Conversation
  • Notification Disable the notification option.
  • Reserved messages.
  • Restart WhatsApp.
  • Option to change the position of float button to right or left (NorahMods > Main Chat Screen > Fab)
  • Conversation name option (NorahMods > Chat screen)
  • Automatically hide the message content of all conversations hidden in the widget.
  • Blue checkmark after reply! (Mark messages as read-only when replying!) (NorahMods > Privacy)
  • Ability to hide conversations (select the conversation, click the 3 dots in the right corner, then click Hide Conversation)
  • Change the conversation hiding pattern (go to hiding Conversation List and click the computer icon in the upper right corner).
  • DND Mode (Disable WhatsApp Internet Only) (Home Page – Title)
  • Secret the DND MOD label (NorahMods main chat screen).
  • Cancellation Protection (NorahMods – Privacy)
  • Set group information enabled (works if enabled on server)
  • Text state copy function
  • A new emoticon has been added.
  • Switch between old and new emoticons (NorahMods Conversation Screen)
  • Option to choose between Tenor / Giphy (NorahMods dialog screen)
  • Removed “Learn More” option for long messages (NorahMods Conversation Screen)
  • View chat storage (Settings > Data usage and storage)
  • Option to upload audio clips up to 100MB instead of 16MB
  • Option to send photos in real resolution.
  • Major fixes left in the photo
  • Install Google Play Store Stickers on All Packages!
  • Theme server, 175 themes (option 1.1)
  • Improved privacy in chat settings
  • Option to show final view on the main screen (NorahMods – main chat screen)
  • Hide privacy status (don’t tell contacts to view history/status) (Options – Privacy settings – Hide view status).
  • Option to warn you when someone changes your profile picture (Options – NorahMods – Large Chat Screen – Contacts).
  • Ability to send more than 10 gifs, photos, addresses, and videos to history/province
  • Ability to send videos up to 30MB as GIF (select the video you want to send and right-click on the GIF)
  • The main screen (NorahMods – main chat screen) shows past tense instead of last time (using 24-hour format).
  • Option to place and view your profile picture. Contacts on the chat screen
  • Option to show contact photos in groups
  • Option to show my profile picture on the chat screen
  • Option to show my profile in Groups
  • Resize your profile picture on a chat screen
  • Option to set status at the top of the main chat screen
  • Ability to send broadcast messages to 1000 members instead of 256
  • High-resolution HD image transfer options
  • Option to resize the text on the big screen for chats, contacts, and calls.
  • Option to change the language of the application
  • Unique wallpapers for each chat
  • Translated message translation and copy options
  • Option to change the font style of the app
  • Option to change system font size in chat
  • Option to disable voice calls on NM WhatsApp
  • Opportunity to distinguish between general broadcasting and broadcasting (message-media-localized)
  • Activation with direct SMS code so you don’t have to create a backup
  • You can mark important messages that you can read later.
  • Use End Message Encryption
  • Privacy settings
  • Group calculator
  • Option to change blister style on the chat screen
  • Option to change the grid style on the screen

Download & Install

If you want to install NM WhatsApp for the first time, you need to follow a series of simple steps.

  • Back up your conversations in Menu> Settings> Chat> Backup and click Save here. Google Drive copy does not work with WhatsApp MOD.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp or modify entries to the number you want to install NM WhatsApp.
  • Enable installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Click the APK application you downloaded from the download button above.
  • We follow the steps they teach us like real WhatsApp and give us the permissions we have requested. We will restore the backup after verifying the number, not the first time. You may see a message that no backup was found. In this case, you can click Skip and skip to get a backup on the next screen.
  • I have already installed NM WhatsApp!

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NM Whatsapp FAQs

What is NM Whatsapp?

NM WhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that can provide many additional features for customizing beauty and personal data management in conversations and groups.

What are the requirements for NM Whatsapp?

Operating minimum requirements: Android 4.0.3.

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