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These days, WhatsApp is one of the most favored messaging apps all over the world. However, this does not mean that the app has all the necessary features. Compared to other messaging apps, WhatsApp lacks certain features like design and optimization. As a result, mod developers continue to release updated versions of their apps with additional features. To learn more about WhatsApp mode, we will tell you about a mod called Gio WhatsApp (Gio WA).

Gio WhatsApp is just the official version of WhatsApp Mod. Gio WhatsApp is one of the most used Mod apps worldwide these days. This application is used for messaging purposes with an unusual feature that the official WhatsApp can offer. This is great for those who love WhatsApp, can’t go through a day without WhatsApp, and are always looking for a few new features in their standard messaging system.

If you want to hear some new features of the official WhatsApp, you should download Gio WhatsApp because it offers all the extras, features you can’t even imagine. The official WhatsApp is great for people who use it normally, but those who use WhatsApp every day need something new. So this Gio WhatsApp will help those people because it provides for all their needs. Here we share a link to download GIO WhatsApp for Android.

Gio Whatsapp Feature

  • Anti Ban
  • Added emoji version of JM settings added.
  • Start Story status now includes the first tab option.
  • Air APK size reduced to 29MB!
  • Better performance and speed.
  • When WhatsApp is blocked, the static privacy option is blocked.
  • You can use a custom color for case text.
  • Default response option with reset option
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the JMThemes server from uploading.
  • The transition from black to custom color is fixed and vice versa.
  • A lot more fixes and fixes.
  • You can clear the conversation about updating apps.
  • Custom display, you can change the font style, size, color and make it stand out.
  • New backup feature
  • The custom-style interfaces display.
  • Remove the refresh box.
  • Protection is not allowed.

Brief Features

Gio Whatsapp features for Android and iPhone are similar, but these features will be upgraded after January 2021. Feature update. Take a look at some of the basic and basic features described below.

  • Organize your personal information

This is one of the great and desirable features of Gio Whatsapp. Your privacy is now in your hands and you can control it the way you want. Double-check categories, last features, and profile pictures allow you to personalize your presence.

  • Status store

In most modified versions of Whatsapp, you will need to install additional software to download or save states, whether videos or photos. On the other hand, Gio Whatsapp has built-in state protection options, so you do not need to install any additional apps to save your state.

  • Backup and restore

Gio Whatsapp has too many opportunities when it comes to backups or data retrieval. You can now take backups and store them on your phone in one folder containing your conversations, call logs, photos, and other files.

  • Built-in recorder

Voice or video call recorder is one of the best features of Gio Whatsapp in the 2021 era. You do not need to install any additional applications for recording. You can customize the recording function. Whether you want automatic call recording or audio/video call recording, you can do it yourself.

  • Hide button

Gio Whatsapp has enabled the ability to hide various buttons, such as voice messages or call buttons.

  • Anti-ban protection

Fortunately, the terms of use and the recently released code generation were made public in the ban strike. Gio Whatsapp is now fully Anti-Ban protected and Whatsapp can no longer delete or block official accounts.

Download & Install

  • If you enable “Unknown Sources” in the settings, you can download it from your web browser.
  • Go to Settings and select Security, showing “Unknown Sources”. Carry out. You can download it from your browser.
  • First, download the app on the button above.
  • Then open the file manager and find the file.
  • Click to install
  • Wait a few seconds after installation.
  • After installation, open the app.
  • When you open the app, you will be asked to provide your details, including your phone number.
  • An app will send a verification code to your phone number to verify your account.

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Gio Whatsapp FAQs

How do I download Gio Whatsapp?

We have provided a download button on this page. Click the download button to start downloading the APK file automatically. We guarantee that we have provided you with a safe and stable link to the APK file.

How do I install Gio Whatsapp?

Backup WhatsApp Messages and Files
Uninstall the original version of WhatsApp
Install mod mods on your device
Register your number to access Gio WhatsApp.
Restore conversations and contacts.

Is Gio Whatsapp safe?

It’s OK to use Gio Whatsapp on any device and you can safely use this APK on any device.

How do I update Gio Whatsapp?

To refresh the mod, click the download button above and browse for the APK file. When the download is complete, click the APK file to start the installation. This will automatically update the mod to the latest version.

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