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Everyone seems to agree that the best WhatsApp MODs are WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. In fact, many other apps are designed to mimic their success, creating two previous apps, as in the case of GA WhatsApp.

GA WhatsApp is an advanced version of GB WhatsApp. Since this mod is not very different from GB WhatsApp, it has many similar features to GB WhatsApp because it is based on GB WhatsApp. This feature includes advanced privacy options and sends videos without size limits.

GA Whatsapp Features


  • Added privacy mode to GB settings instead of menu 3 dots
  • Added custom reset option to defaults
  • Additional option to disable cancellation message notifications (Mod 6.20)
  • Enter a special section for reading logs by displaying full details or displaying them separately.
  • Added disable response when hiding reads.
  • Advanced Specs / End Contacts / Auto Answer Groups

Hidden features

  • Allowed voice recording
  • Set active group – send a message (once
  • Allow only admins to convey messages to groups
  • Sent message accepted

Media sharing

  • You can post videos of your status for up to 1 hour in 30 seconds (GB Settings – Additional Models – Media Sharing)
  • You can send video clips of any size (GB Settings – Additional Models – Media Sharing)
  • You can send the audio of any size (GB Settings – Additional Models – Media Sharing)
  • Ability to transfer document sizes up to 1 GB
  • Add automatic media downloads to custom chats


  • A left-to-right swipe is added to exit
  • An additional option is to disable the left and right switches to exit.
  • An additional option to change the main screen to a new style
  • Added option to hide chat details
  • Additional option to set WhatsApp name and status or number change.
  • Added app restart option
  • Added anti-pin chat
  • Additional option to change the language of the app without changing the left or right screen (the additional mode – large screen)
  • Additional option to change fab stock (Mod 2.7.9)
  • Additional option to hide a new chat icon in the title (Mod 2.1.11)
  • Additional option to enable video thumbnail in chat topic (Mod 1.2.16)
  • You can now search by name on the theme server.
  • Added option to delete recent icons

Group and broadcast

  • Increase the number of group members to 1024 instead of 256.
  • Ability to add more than 256 to the broadcast list, up to 1025 instead of 256.


  • Added data backup option
  • Added data restore option
  • Added WA key backup option
  • Add an option to the backup log file


  • Updated Italian and Brazilian
  • The Now GAWA app is very fast.
  • Correct contact name color when adding participants
  • Fixed bubble color
  • Fixed privacy protection for the blue microphone
  • Fixed GIF background-color
  • Fixed an issue where attachment icons were not displayed in broadcast chats.
  • Fixed taskbar color, icon background color, and count color for hidden and archived chats
  • Many other fixes

GA WhatsApp Download & Install

Most people do not know the process of downloading and installing APK files. If you want to know the process again, don’t worry. Here are simple & easy steps to do.

Install the APK MOD to enjoy all the advanced features. Let’s go through the steps!

  • Storage: This MOD APK requires storage.
  • Enable unknown sources: Enable unknown sources after opening the Settings tab.
  • Download: Tap at the download button and download the APK file.
  • Installation: After downloading, Tap at the APK file to install.
  • Get started: The application must be started.
  • Login: Sign in to your account and fascinate the great features.

You can do it quickly, but if you experience problems with this process, you can leave a comment for more information.

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GA Whatsapp FAQs

How do I download WhatsApp mods?

How to install WhatsApp Mod Apk on Android? 1- Open your device settings, go to Security, and enable anonymous sources. 2- Download WhatsApp Mod Apk from the above link. 3- Enter and confirm your mobile phone number.

What does GA Whatsapp offer?

GA WhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that offers various improvements based on your privacy and customization of your messaging app.

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