Facebook support chat Best Facebook Guide in 2021

Facebook support chat | Best Facebook Guide in 2022

androidpureapps.com/ teaches you the basics of having a Facebook support chat and visiting the Facebook help center. From now on, there is no way to communicate with Facebook directly via phone or email. However, you can use Facebook sources installed to report or fix the problem. Press here to find out that “how to delete your Facebook account permanently or temporarily”.

Questions you ask in Facebook support chat

It is divided into the following categories:

Security and Account Policy:

  • My ad time has been disabled.
  • No known activity on my advertising account.
  • My ad is not allowed.
  • My ad is awaiting review.
  • Use text in my ad image
  • Display allowed Facebook page names
  • My page has been hacked
  • Get your username

Debts and payments:

  • When you pay for advertising
  • Change my spending limit
  • Payment limit change
  • The advertising account has been uploaded twice.
  • View my payment history
  • Download invoice
  • My ad payment failed
  • Payment management system
  • Personal ad payment (monthly invoice)

Company page:

  • Create a custom username
  • Rename page
  • Request a gray tag on my page
  • Combine the two pages
  • Manage roles on my page
  • Add an Instagram account to my page
  • Ad page
  • Enhanced message not found.

Advertising Management Tool:

  • My ad time has been disabled.
  • I give someone access to my advertising account.
  • Edit ads in the updated Ad Manager
  • Switching between advertising accounts
  • Settings, people, and asset management (business manager)
  • Business Manager Duties


  • Edit a campaign, ad group, or ad
  • Activate or disable ads
  • Improved messaging management
  • My support is unavailable
  • My ad is not allowed.
  • My ad is awaiting review.
  • My ads are not working well
  • Use text in my ad image
  • Watch video and photos
  • Use custom or similar audiences

Rate and improve results:

  • Improved message rating
  • View results in Ads Manager
  • Better pixel performance
  • You are using the Facebook Pixel Helper app
  • Use of pixels from third-party websites
  • I can’t see my advertising details.
  • No additional data (pun intended!)
  • My ad report is not compatible with third-party reporting tools

Even if you don’t see the special events mentioned above, just choose the category closest to you and the Facebook support representative will often direct you to the right place.

Report a problem to Facebook

  • Open https://www.facebook.com in your web browser. This is the default Facebook sign-in page. You must be logged in automatically.
  • If you do not sign in automatically, sign in using your account and password.
  • Search for posts, comments, profiles, photos, videos, or ads. Messages and comments can be found in the news feed or on the sender wall. To report a photo or video, click the photo or video you want to enlarge. To report a profile or group, click the name or photo of the profile or group you want to report.

Press … Or click Settings. Find the settings for the following content types under the following options:

Message: Click the three-dot button at the top and left of the message.
Comments: Hover over the comment and right-click on the 3 comments.
Image: Click the image, then click the Options button in the lower right corner of the image.

Video: Click the video to zoom in, then click the three-dot button at the bottom of the video to the right.
Profile: Click on a profile or a person’s name, then click the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the button image.
Group: Click on the name of the group, then click the Add button below the group profile picture.

  • Click “Post Comments” or “Report”. This reading option depends on the content you are reporting, but it is usually the difference between commenting and/or reporting.
  • Choose how your content conflicts with Facebook’s social standards. Click on the option that best describes the problem.
  • ‘submission, The note is then posted to Facebook.
  • Depending on the content you provide, you may need to report it to Facebook. We do not request all of this content, but we do use notes to improve our system.

Use Facebook resources

Please keep the website and Facebook center hosted. If you have not yet signed in to Facebook, you will need to enter your Facebook email and password by clicking the “Sign In” button at the top right of the page.
Unfortunately, we are unable to connect with Facebook. You cannot call, text, email, or chat with Facebook employees or contacts. However, you can use the Facebook Help Center to diagnose and report account issues.

Check your Toolbar settings. It’s at the top of the screen, just below the search bar. Whenever you click on a clip, you have to drag the mouse. The options are:

Facebook Page-This Help Center section covers the basics of Facebook, including how to find your friends, messages, and account accounts.
Account Management – This section includes the login and profile settings, for example.
Privacy and Security – This section covers account security, friend suspicions, and stolen / fake accounts.
Policies and Reports –This section covers key reports (abuse, spam, etc.), as well as the management of dead Facebook accounts and reports of hackers or fake accounts.
On that page, you can see “Unthinking Questions” and “General Articles”. This section covers a number of common questions and complaints. For more information, please visit the Facebook Help Center homepage.

Please select the appropriate category. For example, if you have a problem with your account, select the ‘Acquisition & Security section and click on ‘Stolen & False Accounts’.
See more options. To see examples of fraudulent codes, you can click the “How do I get the account I should sign?” link. It offers a series of steps that describe how you can handle the situation.

For example, Facebook recommends going to your account profile page, clicking the dot (…) button on the message, clicking on messages, and following the instructions on the screen to process your account.

Speed ​​up the process using the search bar. To do this, click on the search bar at the top of the Help Center page.
The search bar here only shows articles that were previously posted by Facebook. For answers on specific issues not included in the Help Center, scroll down and click the button to take you to our Community Guide to visit our Facebook Community Page.

Ads open an ad help page. If you have problems advertising your business or your page, we will usually answer your questions in this section.
To advertise, click the Create Ad or Manage Ads button.
If you have a problem with ads, click on Ads Troubleshooter and select your problem from the following list.
You need to visit the social media Facebook page. If you do not find your current problem in the Help Center heading, you may need to search for public forums.

Reset your password

  • Open Facebook. If you do not log in automatically when Facebook opens in your browser, the login screen appears on the home page.
  • Press on the Forgot your account? This option is located under the “Password” field at the top left of the screen.
  • Please enter your name, postal address, or mobile number. Please use the email address and mobile number associated with your Facebook account. Make sure you have access to your mail account or mobile number.
  • Click Search. There is a blue button at the bottom of the text input box for email or phone numbers. The code will be sent to your email address or phone number.
  • Check out our Facebook post. Enter your email address and you will be provided with a six-digit Facebook page. Enter your mobile number and you will receive a text message from Facebook with a six-digit code.
  • If you select an email option, you may need to check your spam folder.
  • Please enter the code. Enter a six-digit code from an email or text message received from Facebook to the “Enter code” field
  • Select Continue to Facebook Page. The blue button at the bottom right of the box.
  • Click “Continue” again. If you suspect your account has been hijacked, you can also log out of your account on any device.
  • Please enter a new password.
  • Click “Continue”. Your password has been successfully reset on all Facebook platforms. You can use this password to log in to Facebook using a desktop browser or mobile app.
We hope this guide will help you find your Facebook Ads comments quickly. If you've already contacted Facebook support and resolved your issue, we'd love to learn more in the articles below!

Facebook support chat FAQs

How can you contact Facebook if there is a problem?

To connect via Facebook, you must have the first log in to your own account. Then press look on the top of your screen. You can see that there is a small question mark on the black side. Click on it and select Report Problem in the drop-down menu.

Does Facebook have a live chat option?

To use Facebook Messenger as an instant messenger directly to your website, click Customer Support in the list on the left. Then click Search on Facebook Live Chat. On the coming page, you must be chosen from several options for setting up the live chat on Facebook.

How does Facebook Live Chat work?

How does live chat work? The free chat allows you to interact directly with visitors to your site by instant messaging. The conversation is displayed only in the browser window, and web visitors can contact the operator directly by typing in the chatbox.

How can I get a detailed Facebook account?

Do this on your computer.
Press to file an appeal. This link is to the right of the text under “If you believe your account is not working due to an error”. …
You must have to enter your mail address or mobile phone number. …
Enter your name. …
Please upload a photo for identification. …
Enter details of your complaints. …
Click ‘Send’.

What is your Facebook customer phone number?

Most people go online and search for “Facebook customer service.” We tried and found the number 844-735-4595.

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