ES File Explorer APK

ES File Explorer APK | Best Files Manager 2022

ES File Explorer APK is an awesome tool for having proper command over managing files and plans. It comes with many additional features such as operating system execution tools, direct-drive storage (via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Sky drive), and an FTP client, so it can be used on mobile devices and users. PC.

This app makes it easy for any Android user to manage all its files and allows them to access all of their mobile devices and share them if they wish. Uploading photos, watching movies, and managing your 3G connection has become much easier.

When working with files, you can use the most common options for desktop computers, such as copying, pasting, cutting, creating, deleting, and renaming. However, you can also send files to anyone via email. You can also open zip or RAR files, access document content in a variety of file formats, and access content on your computer via a WiFi network.

ES File Explorer is a very practical tool for today’s up-to-date android users as it provides tons of opportunities in your hands.

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  • ES File Explorer APK
  • ES File Explorer APK | Best Files Manager 2022
  • ES File Explorer APK | Best Files Manager 2022

ES File Explorer APK Features

  • File Manager – Multiple Choices, Cut / Copy / Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut and) is managed.;
  • Application Manager – Uninstall apps, back up and create shortcuts per chapter
  • 3 trademark sets of over 80 different file types, toolbars, and menu items
  • Support for Multiple Decisions
  • 19 languages   are supported
  • List and grid views in File Viewer
  • Unzip support
  • Search and share files
  • Support for multiple options and various filters
  • Thumbnails of photos, videos, and APK files
  • Support file shortcuts on the home screen for easy access
  • Provides easy access to basic functions like cutting, copying, deleting, compressing, extracting, and more.
  • Work in multiple tabs at once
  • SMB File Sharing (Windows)
  • Lots of themes with cool icons
  • a quick navigation window
  • Application Manager to open, back up, or uninstall apps
  • Quickly access your history, access bookmarks, or search for files
  • The global origin for advanced users

Explained Features

This app is not only a file manager, it has a way to do many things. It’s like managing, sharing, and deleting your phone from unwanted duplicate files. Here are some of the features of ES File Viewer:

  • File manager and space analyzer

This feature allows you to add, delete and manage files on your smartphone device. Provides access to photos, music, videos, documents, and other files on your Android device and computer. You can easily scan an existing SD card installed in your smartphone using ES File Manager. Analyze the space on your device and handle it appropriately. You can easily see which files to delete and which files to back up, speeding up your smartphone. File Manager is another application with similar features.

  • Application manager

ES file manager has a built-in application manager. This application manager allows you to accurately determine the size of various applications on your phone that help you manage your phone’s storage space efficiently. This will also help clear cache junk left behind data files on your phone from previously uninstalled apps.

  • Download manager

The International ES Explorer Download Manager makes it easy to pause and resume downloads directly from the web. When connected to the network, easily pause to disconnect and resume.

  • Music player

Music player scans your device’s music and mp3 files and organizes them in one place. You can use ES File Explorer to play music in the background.

  • Simple and practical

All Android users should use File Tester. Managing your downloaded folders or content is much easier than connecting it to your computer. With a good Wi-Fi connection, accessing and managing your files with your cloud storage account is very easy. However, to easily download large files, you need to be aware of applications that can easily crash.

ES File Explorer is very easy to use and additional features like app manager and task killer come in handy.


ES File Explorer APK FAQs

Is ES File Explorer Free?

ES File Explorer is an influential and free-of-cost local and network file (applications, files, multimedia) manager.

What is ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer for Android phones and tablets is a free app that expands on the traditional capabilities offered by this app.

Which app has replaced ES File Explorer?

Solid Explorer was competing with ES File Explorer, but it is probably the only file manager application because ES File Explorer has been removed from Google Play Store. The Android file manager application has Material Design features and has all the features found in ES File Explorer.

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