close facebook account

Close Facebook account

Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for your family to connect and share online with your family and friends. Originally designed for college students, Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 while enrolling at Harvard University. Anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address until 2006 can join Facebook. Today, Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over one billion users worldwide. Here our guide on close Facebook account.

Have you ever think about why people use Facebook? However, there are many other ways to communicate online, such as email, instant messaging, and more. What makes Facebook unique is the ability to connect and share with loved ones at the same time.

For many people, a Facebook account should be a part of going online, like having your own email address. Due to the popularity of Facebook, other websites include Facebook. This means that you can log in to various services on the web using your Facebook account.

Close facebook account

Questions people may ask

Is it better to delete or deactivate your Facebook account?
The biggest difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account is that you can come back at any time by deactivating your Facebook account while deleting your account is a permanent process.

What do my friends see when I turn off Facebook?
If you deactivate your account, your profile will not be visible to other people on Facebook and they will not be able to find you. Some information, e.g. B. Messages you send to friends may still be visible to others. Any comments you make on someone else’s profile will be retained.

Delete Facebook account from all data?
Deactivating your Facebook account will not delete any of your data, but will make your page accessible to other users. This can be a great option if you want to take a break from Facebook but don’t go beyond deleting your account altogether.

Can I hide my account without deactivating it?
Depending on your needs, you can hide your users from certain users or create your profile so that it is only visible to friends or friends of friends. However, if you want to hide your profile as soon as you log out, you can do so by deactivating your account.

Deactivating or deleting Facebook

Before we begin a step-by-step review when you decide to close your account, Facebook needs to understand two options.
You can disable or delete your profile. As you guessed, the first option puts your data on the platform, and the last one deletes it completely.

If you have disabled your Facebook account:

  • Nobody but you can see your profile.
  • Detailed information, like sent messages, will remain visible.
  • Your name will appear in your friend lists, but only for your friends.
  • Your names, posts, and comments will be visible to moderators of the groups you belong to.
  • You will continue to use Messenger.
  • You can deactivate your account as often as you like, but logging in again or using your account using the login app/service will start the process again.

To permanently delete your Facebook account:

  • You cannot reactivate your account.
  • All content you add / upload to Facebook will be permanently deleted without the ability to retrieve it (unless you have already downloaded the data archive).
  • Applications that use your Facebook account can no longer be accessed by logging into Facebook.
  • Specific information, such as messages you send to friends, is never deleted completely and remains visible to them. You cannot use Messenger.
  • Facebook gives you 30 business days to think again about your decision and cancel the deletion process if you change your mind. After this time, your account and all associated data will be permanently deleted. Please note that deleting all data permanently can take up to 90 days – at this time, Facebook users will not be able to access it.

Close Facebook account

Keep in mind that by using this option, all of your information will still be available on Facebook, and you may not be aware of any data collection or security breaches.
To temporarily disable your Facebook account:

  • Steps 1 and 2 of the Permanent Removal Guide (Settings> Your Facebook Information> Delete Your Account and Information).
  • Click the inactive account.
  • You can also disable your account by going to Settings> General>.
  • Enter your password when prompted and click Continue
  • You are ready! To reactivate your account, simply login to Facebook (or the app/service with your Facebook account). You will be asked to enter your Facebook account password and then reactivate your profile.

To permanently delete your account:

  • Click on Facebook in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings and privacy, then tap Settings.
  • Click on your Facebook info in the left column.
  • Click Disable and Remove.
  • Click Permanently delete the account, and then click Continue to delete the account.
  • Click Delete Account, type your password and then click Continue.

Remove connected apps from Facebook

It is a good idea to remove the apps you used to log in to Facebook if you plan to remove them permanently.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • On the Settings page, click Apps and Websites.
  • You will see lists of active, obsolete, and deleted applications. To delete an active application, select the check box next to it and click Delete.
  • Outdated apps will no longer ask for your personal information, but you can still sign in from your account. You can edit the requested information or delete it completely.

Tip: If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, you don’t need to delete the apps associated with it. In order to access the application linked to your Facebook account, you may need to cancel the removal process if you have already started working.

Delete photos, videos, and albums on Facebook

You can easily view and delete photos, videos, and albums uploaded to Facebook from the filters panel. Here’s how:

1: Open your activity log.
2: Go to Photos and Videos in the list.
3: This is a list of popular media downloads on the site. To delete an item, click the pencil-shaped icon on the right.

Tip: Your profile, server, and featured photo are not visible. You only check when viewed or viewed in your timeline.
If you would like to delete the entire album, go to the Photos> Albums tab in your profile. There you can quickly view and delete your groups.

Delete comments and posts on Facebook

  • If you want to delete Facebook comments and respond to them without waiting 90 days, you need to do so.
  • Open your Activity log.
  • Below the photos and videos, go to the comments.
  • Follow the same procedure: Tap the pencil-shaped icon to the right, then delete.
  • You can add your Facebook posts. You can do the same. Only one person on the list, you need to click on messages instead of comments. You can find the Messages button at the beginning of the list, under Usage Activity Log.

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