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AZ Whatsapp is a popular modified version of WhatsApp. If you like to play WhatsApp MODs or want AZ Whatsapp APK you are in the real place. Here is the latest 2021 AZ Whatsapp APK. This article describes AZ Whatsapp and its unique features. It also features the same features as other mods.

However, features such as the AZ Whatsapp APK are not available in Offical WA. And if you want people to check out some popular Whatsapp MODs you can also check out GBWhatsapp, MD Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp, and AZ Whatsapp right now.

Currently, the AZ Whatsapp APK has been selected as one of the most popular and popular WhatsApp updates. Whatsapp is used for many reasons, and billions of users use WhatsApp for a variety of purposes. Some of them use it for official work, conversations with family, relatives, and friends. Also, share media. However, there is still a decline in WhatsApp, so many people are leaving the official version of WhatsApp and moving to MOD Whatsapp to overcome all shortcomings.

Few social media are very popular and in the current era, Whatsapp and Instagram are among them. Without them both they cannot survive. So today in this post we are talking about Whatsapp and the best MOD for MOD AZ Whatsapp.

AZ Whatsapp Features

  • WhatsApp pay
  • Compatible with animated stickers
  • Add modern emoticons
  • Remove sent markers from forwarded messages
  • Hide your online status
  • Hide double tap
  • I don’t see any blue marks.
  • scheduled message
  • Autoresponder
  • Can send a custom message
  • Block calls from explicit people
  • Active DND mode
  • Supported on Android version 4.0 and higher
  • Multilingual
  • Built-in anti-van
  • Download Contact Status
  • Share state for 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds
  • Share 50 MB limit size
  • Share videos with a 100MB limit
  • High-definition image sharing
  • backup data
  • location sharing
  • WhatsApp Lock
  • Lock some dialogs with a password
  • Unique GIF Provider
  • A long list of good articles
  • Swipe to respond quickly.
  • And there are many more!

Explained Features

  • App lock

To prevent misuse of your account, set the lock system to AZ Whatsapp. Set up and protect your WhatsApp password. A password protects your data and protects you from others. So, set the lock to your AZ Whatsapp account.

  • Security – Conversation Protection

Protector has set up passwords for certain conversations you don’t want others to see. You can easily protect all conversations in AZWhatsapp APK. Protect your conversations so no one can interrupt or see them. Finish it last to protect them.

  • Beautiful themes and fonts

AZ Whatsapp focuses on all the themes and beautiful fonts. All themes look great and completely change the WA UI. There are more than 3,000 beautiful themes and more than 30 fonts. These two completely transform your regular Whatsapp into a fully customizable WA.

  • Better privacy

AZ Whatsapp is known for better privacy. This is because it offers users many privacy protection features to keep their personal activities private. So the best thing about privacy is AZWhatsapp APK. Download now!

AZ WhatsApp Download & Install

See all the above final features of AZ Whatsapp APK different and more from the official WA. To get it, you just need to download it to your phone. To download, click the download button provided in the post and start the download step first. AZ Whatsapp download can take a few minutes to complete as it depends on your network speed. High speeds take a few seconds and low speeds take longer. So calm down and be patient.

You can then go to your phone settings and open “unknown sources”. At the time of installation, you will be notified of a specific reason. So open it. After successfully downloading the app. You can go to the file manager and find the newly downloaded AZ Whatsapp file, select it and install it on your phone. After successfully installing the APK, you are ready to use another WA account.

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AZ Whatsapp FAQs

What is AZ Whatsapp?

AZ Whatsapp is a MOD version of Whatsapp’s official version. They will work with you on various aspects of storage. These features are not accessible on the original WhatsApp.

Is AZ WhatsApp free?

Yes! AZ Whatsapp is free and offers all free storage features. You can use all features at any time for an unlimited amount of time. AZ WA developers make apps for free. There is no cost to users. Then enjoy using it.

Is AZ WhatsApp better than the official WhatsApp?

Yes! Really better than the official WhatsApp. It contains many features and features not found in the original WhatsApp. AZ WA enables many privacy and security features. So AZ WhatsApp is really better than the official WhatsApp.

Is AZ WhatsApp safe?

AZ WhatsApp is a completely secure anti-blocking application. Check your app before uploading it to your site. So, don’t worry about downloading AZ WhatsApp. It’s completely free and safe. It will never harm your device. Feel free to find it.

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