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Aptoide is another marketplace for mobile apps running on Android OS. In short, if you’re looking for a new app store to download apps that aren’t available on Play Store, Aptoide is the next best thing to finding new apps. It is an independent open source for Android apps. Unlike the Google Play Store, you manage the store. Aptoide is run by the community and provides apps through community experiences.

Android pure apps are here with a complete guide at Aptoide APK Download.

Like Aptoide, Google Play Store is a store where you can download apps and games. This app store does not require registration. However, if you would like to write a review, you can register directly using the simple application form listed in the application. You can download this app store and download all 30,000 free apps with the latest updates from the interface. The beauty of this APP store is that it offers a unique search feature that allows users to return to previous versions of their favorite apps.

Various options

Aptoide is not just an app store, but also a shopping mall. Any user of this software can create a store that finds more users in the category. This allows app developers to explore cell types, independent engineers, backgrounds, music, and more and provides space for app developers to share their creations.

The download and installation process takes place directly from the store, which also handles updates automatically. It also has a backup feature where you can download the app if you are not satisfied with the update.

Aptoide has thousands of software. There are no parental controls, but users have a lot of freedom.

Installation and main features

Not being able to find a store from your phone to your device can be a hurdle for many people. However, the download and installation process will be done in just a few steps. Download the APK file, copy it to your device, then tap to install. Of course, you need to take care of your phone’s security settings.

Once installed, we will install the most popular apps and software that will now appear on our homepage. Then use the browse option to search for what you want to see for free.

The interface is simple. Everything from downloading to managing apps takes just a few seconds. When it comes to downloading speed, it’s mostly like the Google Play Store, but sometimes it’s slower.

The latest Aptoide design features allow new developers to add app stores. All the tools you need are already in the app.

Content quality

Aptoide content is very different, including some apps not available on the official Android store. However, many reviews remain. It is often copied from the Google Play Store, and the description of the software is not sufficient.

However, since this is an open-source forum with millions of users, the store content is very different. Although there are some initial benefits, many open source applications don’t seem to be very reliable in terms of malware. Aptoide promises no programs that are not completely computer friendly. Engineers use layers of protection and verification to ensure this. They test malware apps and add a green badge to those who shows safe to download.

If you wish to purchase the app, you can use a credit card or other local payment system to make the purchase. Engineers working on this software are encouraged to install their own payment platform. Aptoide is available worldwide in 40 languages and in-store versions. Aptoide Kids, not installed directly on the tablet, supports parental control issues, and the Kids and VR genres are much clearer than traditional apps.


Aptoide is gaining popularity and its user base is growing, but you may be interested in other methods. The wisest choice is to use the Google Play Store, the official marketplace where you can find all the apps for your Android device.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a different app store, there are other options besides Aptoide like AppBrain. Finally, F-Droid is one of the most interesting options with the same goals as Aptoide. If you want to know about other stores, but manage your iPhone instead of Android, AppCake has all kinds of apps for your Apple devices.

Availability of various applications

Aptoide is not a single store, it is actually a store with stores. Users can build their stores with filtered categories. Users can find specific stores for different phone types and models, and store games for each standalone app in a filtered app store. Apps are downloaded from Aptoide, which is also updated in the App Store. Don’t like the updated version of a particular app? that’s right. Uninstall the update to revert to the previous version.

Aptoide can also allow users to access apps with adult content and manage visibility in settings. However, it’s not a good decision for younger users as it lacks Aptoide parental controls.

Downloading apps from Aptoid is a normal process, just like any other app store:

Please use the ‘search bar’. Find a specific app or tool, then quickly search and filter Aptoide for all products and display the results. Browse the different categories to find and download apps. Search for editor-picked apps, most downloaded apps, best apps, popular apps, and more.

On the other hand, if you upload your apps and games to Aptoide:

Use the ‘Create Store’ option to allow users to build their own app store. Click to set the store name, theme, and public view description. After saving is complete, you need to download Aptoide Uploader. Store app downloader (users can search/find it in the shortcut to Aptoide). Download and install. This assistant connects you to the store. Select the application on your device and the APK will be downloaded and converted to an Aptoide compatible format.

Finally, when done, go to the store and click on the app. Here, users/uploaders can find applications downloaded from the Aptoide store.

Suitable for different users

Aptoide is a great solution for many people who don’t want to use Google or don’t have a phone that supports Google Play, but it’s not for everyone. When you’re ready to differentiate between high-end and low-quality apps or limit yourself to green rogue apps, you’re ready.


  • You can download and use it for free.
  • Trusted stamp for secure downloads
  • You can use an open-source type of application.
  • Partnership Plan
  • Auto-update


  • Not all software is 100% secure.
  • Too many illegal apps
  • Some downloads are slow

Aptoide APK Download

Aptoide APK Download FAQs

Why is Aptoide illegal?

Aptoide is a scam site because it is an open-source forum and anyone can download it. The location is at risk of illegal applications that must be kept away. Aptoide should not be used by children in any way as there are many adult apps not available on the Google Play Store.

Is the Aptoide app free?

Free open-source app store. Aptoide is another application store for Android users. Over 1 million apps with 6 billion downloads and 200 million users over the world.

Can Aptoide harm my device?

Aptoide is safe, but be careful with the applications you download. Aptoide is safe, but users download apps from the Aptoide store, so any apps you download from Aptoide should have a green screen with tests (meaning virus-free). If not, you have not scanned for viruses.

Is Aptoide a virus?

Aptoide is not a virus and does not threaten the integrity of your device. However, such a classification cannot be interpreted. Aptoide allows any user to create their own application repository, use their own development, or build a collection of applications that download directly to their device.

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