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Amazon Video is the name given to Amazon TV show and movie streaming apps and services available on most devices. It contains two elements. There are thousands of movie and TV box sets that can be rented or purchased at a discounted rate and paid a temporary fee. There is also Amazon Prime Video, a subscription service that offers thousands of other TV shows and movies that you can watch as part of your Prime membership. Androidpureapps created this guide at Amazon prime video app for our learners.

The highlights are clearly marked and most of the TV shows available are self-produced. Amazon Originals, as well as Amazon itself, are owned by Vikings and Mr. Locally-based products, such as Robot, which, for example, do not appear on TV in the US, but are first seen by Prime UK members.

Your Amazon Prime membership gives you access to Prime Video. Prices are $119 per year (£79 in the UK) or $12.99 per month (£7.99). Alternatively, you can pay $8.99 (£5.99) per month for Prime Video access to the UK. New users can get a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime video app features

  • Download videos to watch offline.
  • Rent or buy the latest movies and popular TV shows (availability varies by market).
  • Broadcast on the big screen of your phone or tablet via Chromecast and Fire TV.
  • Multiple user profiles allow you to create personalized entertainment.
  • Check out the side stories of movies and TV shows with exclusive X-Ray access on IMDb (availability varies by market).

How does Amazon Prime Video work?

Prime Video works like Netflix and other streaming services. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows with a web browser, a mobile app on your phone, a game console, or a TV with a TV streaming device.

Amazon offers a lot of content that can be viewed on other services as well, but there are also some movies and TV shows that can only be broadcast through Prime Video.

The service also produces native movies and TV shows. Their movies are generally released in theaters before they can be streamed, but Amazon Originals are only accessible for streaming via Prime Video.

Download Amazon prime video app

The only procedure to get Prime Video is to sign up for Amazon Prime. When you sign up for Prime with free shipping, you already get access to Prime Video. If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, you can check out a free trial. However, there is no way to get Prime Video without Prime, so you can also get free submissions, Twitch Prime, and other perks as part of the deal.

Note: Prime Video means free Prime Movies provided by Amazon. However, non-core Amazon users can rent the same movies for a fee.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, here’s how to get a free Prime Video trial:

  • Click Start 30-day free trial.
  • Enter your Amazon login details and click Sign in or, if you do not have an Amazon account, click Create Amazon Account.
  • Enter your payment method and click Add Card. If you cancel throughout the trial time, you will not be charged.
  • By subscribing, you can start streaming live.

What’s included with Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video includes access to hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes that you can use for any stream. Like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, Prime Video offers a mix of original content and movies and TV shows from major studios and networks.

Most of the content available on Prime Video is essential, so you can stream it whenever you want. There is no live TV other than a limited number of sports games and live content from additional premium channels like Starz.

Amazon Original

Amazon Originals’ special videos can only be streamed on Prime Video. Amazon creates and purchases rights to a variety of movies, TV shows, and documents.

Amazon Originals are very similar to Netflix and Hulu Originals as they require a subscription. The main difference is that Amazon usually releases movies in theaters before making them available for streaming, so your movies can win Oscars and other awards.

If you desire to watch dramas like The Man in the High Castle, series like Jack Ryan, or comedy shows like Tick Action Revival, Prime Video is the exact place to go.

Prime Video Channel

In addition to all the free content on Prime Video, you can also subscribe to other channels through this service. These are primarily premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz, but you can also subscribe to Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) and many other services through Amazon channels.

Many Amazon channels offer some sort of free trial period so you can test before you pay. After that, Amazon charges a monthly fee for each channel you subscribe to.

All Amazon channels have the content you want, so if you subscribe to HBO or Showtime, you can access original shows from HBO or Showtime through Prime Video.

Some Amazon channels also provide access to live channel feeds. This is another way to watch live TV on Prime Video. You can access the live content you want from your Amazon channels through the same websites and apps you use for Prime Video.

Can I rent movies on Amazon Prime Video?

In addition to thousands of free movies and TV episodes with Prime Video, Amazon also offers access to a large library of paid content.

You can rent digital downloads for movies and TV episodes from Amazon, and you can purchase them again for permanent storage. Although no Amazon Prime membership is required for this, members of the Prime Minister use the same interface, account, and payment details to rent and purchase digital movies for use with Prime Video.

If you do not see the green and white banner in a movie or TV show on Amazon Video, it means it is not available through Prime Video and can be rented or purchased.

Amazon prime video app FAQs

How do I use the Amazon Prime mobile app?

Open the Amazon Prime Video app or download it from the living room app store. Select “Sign in and start viewing” to register your device by entering your account details directly on your device, or select “Register on Amazon website” to select a 5-6 character code that you can add to your account.

Prime doesn’t have Amazon Prime?

As a key member, you can watch popular movies and TV shows at no extra cost. Watch on your TV, tablet, mobile device, or the web. Stream online or download to watch offline.

How do you view Amazon Prime in the Amazon app?

How do I use the mobile app? After downloading the app, log in with your Amazon Prime or Prime Video account to watch. Browse the available content and tap a title to view it. For iOS and Android devices, you can also download the title by tapping the download icon on the video details page.

How does the Prime Video app work?

Prime Video works similar to Netflix and other streaming services. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows with a web browser, mobile app on your phone, or a TV with a game console or TV streaming device.

How many devices can I have with Amazon Prime?

You can stream up to 3 videos using the same Amazon account at the same time. You can stream the same video to no more than 2 devices at a time.

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